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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Colored Lights

 Kyle is a fan of colored lights.  He's always had them on his little tree in his room.  This year he mentioned he wanted to hang lights all over his room, so that's what we did!

I bought the white stringed lights, because of his ceiling being white.  It looks like candy all over his ceiling!

He came up with the pattern and we used command strips to put them up.  

His room is the only room in the house with colored lights.  Its fun and cheery.  But I still prefer white lights for my decor!


  1. Looks great! Galaxies far far away... that’s how it looks to me.

  2. Love it! He must feel so alive and happy in that room with all those cheery lights!

  3. I am all about white lights too, but ~wow~ those colored lights look great in Kyle's room!

  4. Louis Dean loves colored lights. I love white ones and I use them all year round! Will be going out after Christmas to buy enough for 2019....
    My children always had a tree in their room and one year Benjamin draped lights all around his bunk beds! That was fun!


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