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Friday, December 7, 2018

Friday Five

I thought, for my Friday Five, that I'd show you some of my Christmas decor.  I keep it pretty simple with greens and plaids, mostly.

1. Plaid Thermos - I added my thrift store plaid thermos to the coffee/tea station in the kitchen.  Along with the English Ivy, I think it adds a festive touch.

2. Plate Rack - My plate rack is over in the corner by the sliding French doors and doesn't get a lot of attention.  I cheered it up with a cute plate and some fir branch from our Christmas tree.

3. Plate Wall - I added my Peace on Earth plate.  I have a few more plates to add to the lower left side.

4. Snack Jars - I added a cute plaid ribbon to the animal cracker jar and it makes this space very festive!

5. Simple Old Fashioned Sign - The sign and the sweet cardinal, make this old clock and book stack ready for Christmas!

Christmas decor doesn't have to be elaborate to be cheery and help make the season bright.  Simple garlands, lights, and plaid suit our sweet cottage, and make the everyday feel extraordinary!

Rachel comes home today, and Emma and Vinnie arrive tomorrow!  We'll be celebrating all this next week!  Also, my sweet homeschool moms will be coming for a fun Christmas party tonight!

Rejoice for the Light has come!


  1. Sooooo much excitement!! You will be surrounded by your loves . . . how wonderful!!

    I agree that the simple touches are the best. Your house looks perfectly festive and warm. I am sure that your guests will be blessed by your hospitality!

  2. I love your touches of Christmas! You stay very busy making everything special for your friends and at Christmas time and all year long!

  3. I have a large plaid thermos and a smaller plaid thermos. My husband asks me why I keep them since I have a plain thermos I use when I need one. He does not understand the concept that I find them beautiful so they are worth keeping. ;)

  4. I loved the tour! Loved your simple but truly effective touches of Christmas decorating. Looks warm and inviting. Enjoy your family and friends times together. Wishing you a great weekend! Brenda xox

  5. ๐ŸŽ„What a warm and inviting holiday space youvyo created for your family and friends! I live plaid. ๐ŸŽ„

  6. Your decorations are beautiful! I love the plaid!!! Thank you for reminding me that I haven't brought my Christmas books out:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!


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