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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

San Antonio River Walk and More

Our Girls Road Trip was so fun, as you can imagine.  After eating at Chuy's and staying the night in Austin, we drove to the capitol building.  Unfortunately the gates were all closed and we couldn't get closer than this photo shows.

We took the long way on the Hill Country Trail and saw beautiful live oaks and amazing vistas.  We had lunch and did some shopping in Gruene (pronounced Green).  This building is famous as it is historical and George Strait used to play here with his band, and its where he was discovered!  

We enjoyed a great lunch at the Gristmill!  Outdoor dining in November?  Yes, please!

A narrated ride on the River Walk in San Antonio was a highlight of the trip for me.  

So much beauty.  Our hotel lobby was beautiful, too!

The next day we visited the Alamo.  It is full of inspiration also.

 No Texas road trip is complete without a trip to James Avery!

 Then lunch at the Alamo Cafe!  Delicious homemade tortillas and queso!

We arrived back from our road trip Thursday night, and Friday morning I met up with Linda from Linda's Life Journal and her daughter Summer!  They were headed to Galveston and I am so happy we were able to make it work to meet!

They are delightful women, fun and joyous.  The waitress said to us, "I don't know what your laughing about, but its making me laugh just to hear you."  Linda and Summer, thank you for the gift of your time!

When I got back from breakfast, my friend Amy shot Sarah's senior pictures!  

They turned out so great, and I'll give you a peak at what she was shooting here.

This concludes my posts about our trip to Texas.  It was wonderful.  Yesterday, the kids and I got a tree and it is decorated.  I'll show you tomorrow!


  1. So glad you got to visit our beautiful state and visit with Linda and Summer. I haven't met them, but I feel like I have since I have followed her blog for several years. She only lives a little over an hour away from me. The river walk in San Antonio looks amazing at Christmastime-thanks for the post and pictures!

  2. What a super trip, nothing quite like time away with lovely family.

  3. What a beautiful state and what a fantastic trip. Thank you for sharing. I will probably never get to Texas but now I see how beautiful it is.

  4. Those are wonderful and unique graduation pictures of Sarah. I also like the one of her in awe of the River Walk. Fun times with fine friends...Sweetness.

  5. I loved hearing about your trip and seeing the photos you took! You girls made some wonderful memories! Oh . . . and Sarah's senior photos. Amazing! Can't wait to see more!

  6. What a fun time of year to take a trip...beautiful scenery and holiday sparkle!


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