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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Holiday Diffusing Blends

I've pinned a ton of diffuser blends on my essential oils Pinterest board.

I love using oils in a variety of ways.  I have two diffusers for the living room/kitchen space, since it is so big.

I diffused this one yesterday, and I must say it was really lovely.

This one is nice, too.

I've been doing various blends on my own with clove, orange, cinnamon, but here is a blend with amounts of drops to use for each oil.
Holiday diffuser blend smells so good!

This one is nice, and since Frankincense was one of the gifts of the three kings who came to worship Jesus, I thought it would be appropriate for the season!

Energising - Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

With fewer hours of sunlight, this time of year, we are in cold and flu season. We also have cold weather so we don't have doors and windows open.  I like to diffuse this blend to clear the air in our house.

 It smells great!

And if you do get a cold, I swear by this congestion blend.  My skeptical husband is a believer in the fact that it shortens a cold and helps you feel better fast.  Last winter Sarah got sick with a bad cold that came on fast.  She was resting on the couch, so I made this blend and put it by her.  She fell asleep for a few hours and when she woke up, she was feeling much better.

Also, if you or someone you know, is coughing and can't rest - using Eucalyptus on their feet (I rub 5-10 drops) helps quiet a cough almost immediately.  We've had great success with it, and have slept through the night in spite of a cough.

Do you use essential oils?  I love using products in my home that are not toxic, and that smell great, help with illness, or help avoid it.  What about you?

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