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Monday, December 3, 2018

The Silos

Tim took Sarah and I to the airport last Monday, and then he headed, with Kyle and Kamryn, to visit his mom in Florida!  

Sarah and I have never been on a trip with just the two of us.  We are very companionable and she is a delight.  I am enjoying the lovely young woman she is becoming.  What a blessed woman I am.

We had to stop at Whataburger for some late dinner!  It was yummy, and started our Texas experience off to the best start!

The next morning we hit the road.  This was the beginning of a three day road trip to see all the favorite places, and must sees in the Texas Hill Country.

My sweet friend Amy.  We are different in many ways, but from the first time we met God tied our heartstrings.  We both only have brothers, so we've become each others' sister!

First up Waco.  On a Tuesday morning, the week after Thanksgiving it was busy but not crazy.

We found parking right on the street across from the bakery and here is the sight that we saw.

This great sign is on the side of the bakery, and there is lovely seating in this courtyard area.

Someone kindly offered to take our photo all together.  After this we headed into the store!

We loved the use of lyrics from Christmas hymns and songs throughout the store.

I took this photo as we headed into the lower section of the store.
Because they get so many guests every year, we found that while some sections of the store were unique, much of the merchandise repeats around the store.  Its only to be expected, or you'd never be able to see everything.

There was so much inspiration for me every where!

We bought a few things, and then headed back outside.  It was a gorgeous day.

The stage is in front of the silos, here on the right.  They had some Christmas trees and greens there, but they didn't look like they were ready to sell.

 This pavilion and 'grassy' area are across from the silos.  Its where you see people when there is a concert.

 It was pure Magnolia style.  I love the way the Chip and Joanna are giving inspiration to people for their homes and families.  Its part of that Texas spirit I think.

The bakery wasn't too crowded but we had to wait about 10 minutes to get inside.  We got to chose what we wanted while we waited and that made the line inside go quickly.

 Ally and Sarah.  They hadn't seen each other for about three years, but they write each other.  They had so much fun together.  Amy and I loved hearing their laughter!

I was focused on the lemon lavender and let me tell you

It did not disappoint!

After this we went to their originals store on Bosque and found a few items.  Then we went by Harp Design Co.

This was my favorite thing...

We didn't visit all the amazing stores in Waco.  Not enough time, as we were headed out to Salado, and Austin, next.

I'll be back with more from our trip tomorrow!  


  1. Oh dear! They needed an editor for that signage...”they’ll be parties...”
    Not good! 🙃 Course between autocorrect and fat fingers, I could use an editor most days. 🥴

    What a fun time you gals had! The memories will be so sweet...

  2. I am smiling as I read of your adventures with your sister-friend and your daughters!! What fun you must have had sharing travels and food and fabulous shopping and conversations and laughs!!

  3. I’m so glad you got to go to the Silos! The very first time I went was with Sherry at their soft opening. I’ve been back a few times since and just love the ambiance! Amber, Mike and the kids and I went together once and it was so much fun! The quads know all about Chip and Joanna and demo day! Amber got them Demo Day t shirts! But they loved the garden area and the potting shed best of all and went home and made their own little fairy garden.
    The Gaines have singlehanded changed the economy of Waco!

  4. What a trip! To see all that lovely stuff and share it with beautiful people. I'm so glad you had such a good time. The lemon lavender sounds exquisite. I love lavender rose flavour too. That store with the lines from Christmas songs ... oh what fun!


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