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Monday, July 27, 2020

A Little Floral Cheer

I've spent so much time at home this year.  Since March, I've been mostly home. Five months so far.  I'm itching to do some projects, but at the same time, I don't feel a lot of motivation, and with the uncertainty of how things will be long term, we are being cautious with spending.  

This weekend however, I did a small thing that has brought me great cheer.  I brought a hanging candle holder up from my basement storage shelves, and put a 1/2 pint canning jar in it with water, and popped in a hydrangea bloom.


Instant cuteness, especially when hung from the double-sided clock.



  1. What a clever idea! As you say, instant cuteness. And I love your double-sided clock too.

    Wishing you a great day....
    Brenda xo

  2. It really is the little things that give us so much joy. It looks darling! I have a friend who is doing something a bit different from you...she says that she is not leaving her wealth to the heathens. I'm sure that there is a balance there somewhere. 😁 Have a great week!

  3. How cute !!! I love this .... and using things around the house is always fun ..... Thank you so much for sharing !

  4. ingenious decor addition!
    love it! :)

  5. Such a pretty and cheery spot! I love the clock, and it was a good move to add one of your beloved hydrangea to enjoy! Little changes can make a big impact!


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