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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Tea On Tuesday

I got to have tea with my friend Katie on Friday at our favorite tea shop.

We hadn't seen each other in months and we had fun talking about everything from current events in our lives, to politics, and world wide happenings.  It was grand!

We were happy to see that the tea shop was as busy as it could be with our governor changing the seating limits from 50% to 25%.  I don't know how restaurants are going to survive.

We were so busy talking I forgot to take photos except these three!

My need for time with friends was filled up and I'm so glad to have been able to combine my love for tea with this catch up with a dear friend!

We've been having a heat wave hear, in the 90's and humid.  Thankful for AC, and if I have to do anything outdoors, its done early.  Kyle will mow today, in fact he'll be getting started soon so he can beat the heat, too.  Poor Tim is outdoors all day, but thankfully his AC works in his tahoe, so he can get cooled down and refreshed in between inspections.

How is the weather where you are?


  1. 84° a bit muggy, but not so bad

    How good to visit with a friend over tea and treats. Is that custard dessert one of those magic cakes?

    (A lot of businesses are already gone here, including my very favorite breakfast spot. 😥 )

  2. It is hot, hot, hot here. I think we are about to get a thunderstorm, though. So that should cool things off.

    I love the cool green color on the wall behind you!

  3. I am happy you were safely able to enjoy tea with a friend. Those two go hand in hand so perfectly, do they not?

    As you know - I am still staying away from public areas, but if and when the day comes that I am able to confidently and safely go somewhere, it would be straight to a tea house for sure.

    Just had a nice storm blow in and out - cooled things off a tad. Whew, finally!

  4. The weather here is HOT! We got a good rain last night and for that I was thankful. SO happy that you got to visit with your friend! We need that time together, don't we! They were just talking on the morning news about local restaurants having trouble staying open with the restrictions:( Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  5. Hot but not quite so now. !!!!!

    Do not know in which state you reside, but many of the Liberal Governors, seem to be making Rules, with one objective in mind.---->Kill the Economy. Thus, get rid of Trump.

    He is not perfect, but the alternative, in unthinkable.


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