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Friday, July 17, 2020

Pray For The Children

I've been pretty quiet lately, taking in information and trying to help bring awareness to the plight of children worldwide who are being sex trafficked.  Its horrific, and I find I must throw myself on the Lord, into His arms to even bear the knowing.  The enemy of our souls wants to destroy everything that God loves, and especially people who are created in HIS image.

I'm leaning in to the Lord, praying, knowing its the best thing I can do.  Bring an end to the suffering Father, for their good and for your glory.


  1. We can not pretend that we don't know. Things seem to be heating up. More and more people are learning those things they never wished to know. I try not to look away, but it's rough. The Lord knows and your prayer is a blessing and comfort to read. I'm joining you.

  2. Praying hard. Needed the reminder. Certainly puts our worries - and they are many - in perspective. Thank you. God bless.

  3. Stephanie's former college pastor has been working with a ministry that rescues those in sex trafficking and tries to prevent them getting into it in the first place. Especially kids and teens. He and his wife were working in other countries but came back to the States when they had their two children. Their oldest is Elisabeth's age and also just graduated high school. They now live and work out of Las Vegas. It takes a special anointing of God to do that work.

  4. Praying too🙏🏼 It is horrible to even think that it occurs, but it does🙁. Sending hugs and prayers your way!!

  5. I'm very aware of this, and it breaks my heart. We live in a fallen world that needs salvation. Only in Jesus Christ will this be found. He hears our prayers and responds! I pray now that His kingdom will come on earth as it is in Heaven. I pray that His will be done. I pray that the enemy will be defeated at every turn. I pray that the evil doers will be exposed by the light of His righteousness, and that these innocent children will be rescued. Human trafficking is evil in its purest form. Please Lord, we need You to overcome the evil. The battle belongs to You! All for Your glory, Lord! Thank you, Deanna for this post. Gentle hugs.


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