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Thursday, July 9, 2020

Home Keeping: A New Refrigerator

Tim was home yesterday and was able to have a good look at our fridge.  He talked to my dad (who used to have his own refrigeration repair business) about what the issues could be.  They spoke about the age of our fridge, and what might be needed.

We are the kind of people who like to get the full use out of something we buy.  We had our fridge for over 15 years and had done many repairs on it.

I already knew the style I wanted if/when our old one finally wasn't worth fixing again.  I love the french doors on the fridge and the large freezer drawer.

We have a scratch and dent appliance store just down the road from where we live.  We can't find a scratch or dent on this fridge but the price was excellent.

Today we'll be bringing up meat, frozen veggies, and frozen fruit from our bigger freezer downstairs.  Thankfully we had room in that freezer since we are splitting a side of locally raised beef with my parents and Lindsay and Joseph. Once I move the regularly used items upstairs into the freezer in the fridge, we'll have room for our beef.

I'm grateful to be able to have this new refrigerator, and that we were able to pay cash for it.  We're hoping we can get as many good years of service from this fridge as we did from the last one.  Also with the uncertainty of the times, I'm thankful to not have debt.


  1. Wonderful fridge for a large family. I like the additional drawer too.

  2. It's a beauty! May it last many years (and I am certain it will).

  3. That's an exciting purchase for you and all of your hospitality! Happy you could get a good deal on it.


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