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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Home Keeping: Having The Right Tool For The Job

For over 32 years I've done this job of Home Keeper and I've loved Keeping a home for my family.  However, I've often struggled with the process because of not having the right tools for the job that needed to be done.

Just a few examples - 

1. For several years I cooked for our family on a stove that had one working burner and an iffy oven.  I finally realized that it was crazy and time to buy a new stove.

2. For years I had one 12 frying pan.  That was the only frying pan I had and I was cooking for many people in our home.  I'd have to use it and wash and dry it to use it to cook something else for the same meal.  One day, I finally recognized that I needed more pans!

Have any of you done this, or is it just me?  Sigh.

As I mentioned, when I talked about our fridge, we are the kind of people who've chosen to make due with what we have because we don't like to have debt, but we like to get our money's worth out of an item.  So, over the years I've made due with under performing vacuums, stoves, dishwashers.  

In the last several months, I've made purchases that have made my Home Keeping and cooking a lot easier!

(If you purchase through the Amazon links I will get a small amount of compensation but there is no extra charge to you.)

The first purchase I made was something I'd been lobbying for since last autumn.  For years we had been using a good canister vac, but over time it was not working as well as it could, it had a problem rolling properly etc.

This is what I bought to replace it.

It's a Shark Navigator Lift Away Deluxe! You can find it {here}.

Emma's mother in law cleans houses and she uses a professional version of this.  I used it at Em's house and really liked it and it made me realize how under performing our vacuum was.  This Shark is lightweight and you can detach the canister for cleaning stairs.  

We have all pine floors in our home and just a few area rugs, and this vacuum works well for us in our home.

The second item I recently bought was a hamburger chopper.

I've seen this nifty tool for years but continued to chop with a metal spatula and could never get the meat into a uniform size or even get all of it finely chopped.

This tool is so easy to use, that Kyle thinks its great!

Do you use one of these?  Why did I wait so long to try it out?!
This is the Pampered Chef brand and is the one I have.  You can find it {here.}

It's so great to find tools that help us in our work in our homes!  My husband always has the right tools for the work he does - it's vital!  I finally really recognize that these are the tools of my 'trade' and they are vital, too!

Do you have a tool in your home that you wouldn't want to be without? Tell me about it in the comments!


Elizabethd said...

Some kitchen tools seem to last forever! I have been making do with a wobbly weghing scale and was never sure it was correct. Now I have a brand new one, much lighter and easier to read!

Vee said...

Yes, I make do all the time. The last thing was with a little bitty saw and I was trying to cut down a lilac tree. Talk about frustration. I finally ordered a little electric saw, but it's too heavy for me to hold. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Always learning. Hope the Shark works out well for you. I am not a fan of mine.

Brenda Leyland @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

I remember the time when my stove gave out burner by burner. When the last burner went and then the oven wouldn't turn on either, that's when we realized it was high time for a new stove. Fortunately for us, there were just two us at the time.

Linda said...

I like my potato peeler which I use for carrots - not potatoes!
Tools are great! Like an egg separater....and I love my Kitchen Aid mixer!
I need new pans though. Here at the ranch and at home....

Lorrie said...

I make do frequently - our stove is on its last legs, but we are planning a major kitchen reno in a couple of years and want to replace the appliances then. If it completely quits, we'll buy the one we want, but I'd sooner wait if possible. My best kitchen tool is a Japanese knife - so sharp! Good knives are wonderful tools.

Cheryl said...

Oh, yes . . . I have limped along many times as a tool slowly gave up the ghost when it was not in the budget to replace it. Real life. But, certainly, the right tool goes a long way toward making our work more pleasant and enjoyable!

One very valuable tool in our house is our coffee pot (now a Keurig). My dishwasher is pretty important to me too! We had to replace that a few months ago. The one before it did not last as long as we expected it to last, but no regrets for purchasing a new one!

Keep us posted on how you like your new vac. I may be in the market for one soon.

Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

I have def been a "make do" person most of my life.

My last "make do" was a HORRIBLE microwave that sounded like it was dying a horribly painful death! We got so used to it we'd just laugh about it - and one day we realized we could get a new one. And I reallllllly wanted a stainless steel one. And the next thing I know my hubs decided we needed to go from electric to gas range, so let's get the stainless one, but then the dishwasher won't match, so let's get a new one of those.

So - sometimes when a little microwave goes bonkers and one doesn't complain it turns into the joy of having new appliances!!!!!! And it was HIS idea not mine!!!!
Love it when that happens!!!!


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