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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Garden: Limelight Hydrangea In Bloom

My limelight is full of blooms, and was looking beautiful yesterday.  I cut half a dozen blooms, some older Annabelle's that have turned green and a couple pink blooms off of a small mophead hydrangea I have.  They are all beautiful. 

Working to keep my mind and heart fixed on the things that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable. (phil 4:8)

Praying for peace, for eyes to be open, for discernment.  I know the ONE who knows and can rest in that.


  1. Absolutely beautiful! These are my favorite hydrangeas and though I'm not lucky enough to have any, I love looking at them. Thanks for sharing yours!

  2. They are lovely! I was shocked to find my hanging plant hanging on by a thread this morning...white fly!'s not as if I don't pay attention that that plant...I water daily, sometimes twice, but that nemesis came on overnight. That's how I feel about a lot of things going on these days.

  3. God in Bloom again in your posts as always. WOW I love that lamplight color .. the Christ color. Last month I wrote a poem as I looked at the moon, I write poetry when moved .. and I first want to thank you for all the LOVE you s how us in this blog.. your beautiful family, the photos of the wedding and recepstion .. the beauty of it all was the LOVE you all have for one another...that God love . That is exactly what we need to see and read about at this time in our planet shifting.. our thoughts ascending to the all good. of God. I just love coming here to see how you are doing things today.. then I am inspired.
    Well the other night a month ago full moon the light was .. like your flowers here.. incandescent... I was going through rough spots... and looked up heavenward and here is what I wrote:

    The opalescent
    Christ Light shed by the moon tonight,
    Wraps all the world in its forgiving , safe and
    included glory.
    Touching it on my floor here,
    It keeps me reminded of the
    ever-presence of the Christ Mind
    leading us all to witness total healing , total
    provision , total purpose , total Love.....

    I am doing a painting of it. that color right there on the Limelight color especially is the tender God Love Light I saw in the moon.
    Thank you for your beautiful, loving , inspiring blog.. to warm our
    hearts with Truth of our Spiritual being.. God is all in ALL..... Blessings, Merri

  4. Love limelight hydrangea!! All hydrangea really, but I love how quickly and full limelight variety grows!

  5. They are lovely! The flowers on my porch are still doing okay but most of the flowers on the deck need to be tossed. This was such a hot summer, they did not like the weeks of 90+ degree heat at all.


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