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Thursday, July 23, 2020

Let's Chat

I feel like I have a lot to say, but then when I go to write it, I don't know what to say.

Here is the US the virus has become political.  We've gone from reporting those who've died to the number of people who've caught the virus, and acting like catching the virus is a bad thing.  In the beginning they told us many of us would get it, and that for most of us it would be mild.  But the virus death numbers have plummeted so those trying to politicize it have to find new ways to make people stay afraid.  The virus IS serious for some who might catch it, but if we keep those people quarantined, we can let this virus run its course and be done.  
Many here in the US believe that most of the fear-mongering will go away after our election in early November.  We had to cancel Rachel and Wes' reception because we had a suspicion that the governor was going to either take us back into yellow or mandate that fewer people could be together in person.  That's exactly what he did, we are still green but he reduced the number of people back to 25.  We've been locked down since early March, nearly five months, but we've got until early November, which is three more months to go.  

I can go out and shop, but wearing a mask makes me sweat and its uncomfortable after 5 minutes, so I end up not doing any kind of shopping other than to get groceries.

I'm sad for all the businesses who have been unfairly closed, and then when they have reopened they keep having the 'rules' changed on them.

In personal news, Tim's mom (she'll be 99 at the end of October) is declining.  We are praying that God take her home.  She's an amazing person and has lived a full life until the last 7 years when short term memory dementia came into her life.  I'd say probably the last two have seen the biggest decline in her health.  She has spent most of her adult life in ministry to people.  God knows her days.

Tim has continued to be very busy with work, and we are grateful.  We continue to be thankful for our church meeting every week.  We are blessed to have a space outside, under trees, to meet for the service.  I'm mindful every week that in CA the churches are not allowed to sing, and that in China churches are being made to remove anything related to Jesus.  We always say that can't happen here, but with this virus we've seen just how quickly many in leadership positions have grasped at power and control.

It's giving me a lot to pray about, and I'm sure most of you are feeling the same way.  We must continue to look to God for direction, and for our safety and security.


Mrs.T said...

Good post, Deanna. I agree with you completely. This has become so politicized and so divisive. The virus is real, but this climate of fear and divisiveness is very disheartening and is being fostered by those who mean our country harm. It is really scary how many people swallow everything the media and government tell them.

So sad that you had to cancel the kids' reception. And yes, I too am saddened for local businesses that keep having the rules changed on them. Our state is home to many, many iconic summer camps (for kids and teens) on our lakes. Some have been in operation for well over 100 years. The state guidelines technically would have allowed them to have camp, but the testing and social distancing requirements made it literally impossible for any to do so. My heart hurts thinking of all the kids and teenagers who have been blessed and strengthened by these camps over the years (even the secular camps focus on character building) and how this year, that lifeline is unavailable to them.

Yes, you are so right -- we have a lot to pray about. This didn't take God by surprise and has never been out of His control. He has a purpose in allowing this, and His purposes are always good. As you said, we must continue to look to Him for direction and for our safety and security. Truly, safety and security are to be found only in Him.

Sandi said...

I don't know what to say either.

Yesterday at Wal-mart I asked a cashier when they were going to start requiring masks. I live in NC and heard Wal-mart would be doing that. (I was surprised they weren't already required. Most people wear them.) She said Monday and they, the cashiers and other associates, will have to enforce it. She looked all of maybe 18 years old and they are going to require her to tell people to put on a mask. I think that is a really bad idea. I hope she doesn't "notice" if anyone is not wearing one. Her safety should be more important and someone not wearing a mask already knows and has chosen not to.

Vee said...

So many concerns about our freedoms. This came on us fast and we've learned just how bad it can get. This is as close to socialism/communism as I ever want to be. Be careful with the many are keeling over...O2 deprivation causes one to collapse without warning. People are dying from cracked skulls. Is it possible for you to switch to a face shield?

Sherry said...

it's certainly a strange time in our country - and the world, largely politically induced. in these uncertain times we need to reach deep to those things that bring us a surety of peace. for me that's my faith in Christ. i do have challenging days but i know where my foundation lies - as do you. bless you today. and thank you for this blog post. :)

Linda said...

Louis Dean and I read Isaiah 24 and 25 this morning and it so reminded me of our world today.
"The city of confusion is broken down; every house is shut up, that no man may come in."

I am trusting God and asking for wisdom and discernment and common sense. It is scary if we don't look at this with the full knowledge that God is still God and he is in control.

There is no new thing under the sun....not even this.

M. Williams said...

You have said it well. We must build our hearts and our families Spiritual muscles with great diligence! And we must not be timid to speak up! Great job of speaking truth and grace here.

Theresa said...

I am praying too, our Country is in real trouble. I get out to run errands and grocery shop and wish the mask could go away. But for now we just have to do what we have to do. I will be praying for Tim’s Mom🙏🏼 I know it is sad to see her like that in her older years. Have a blessed day dear friend. Hugs

Ruth said...

I as well pray daily for our country. Thank you for your blog. I find it has food for the spirit.

Beside a babbling brook... said...

All the so-called-*news*, is political.

No matter what they *say,* they have one message... Out With Trump!

He is not perfect, but... The alternative is unthinkable.


Kim said...

I'm sorry to hear about Tim's mom. Thoughts and prayers for her and your family. It's hard to watch. And yes, the country is a mess and it makes me very sad. Unfortunately in NY we lost a lot of people who really had no underlying conditions, so that adds to the fear, but I think there's a way to handle it wisely, as you said, based upon the outbreaks and unique situations in each area. I'm afraid that's not being done. Take care.


  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We spent Saturday, doing things around the house, and then we swam. Kyle and Sarah left after that...