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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Another Marketplace Find


I've really not been making very many purchases these days, it just might seem like it. (grin) 

It is spring and that has me working on my ideas for the garden, and for my outdoor seating areas.  I've been wanting to get some great planters that will hold up with changing seasons, and I don't want to spend a lot of money for them.

Yesterday I saw an ad for 3 concrete planters, for a reasonable price. I contact the seller, and arranged to go look at them. They weren't as large as I thought they'd be but they are really nice.

There is a bit of wearing down on a few corners, but overall they are in create shape and I love the way they look. They belonged to the sellers' mother in law. The sellers' husband said "I'm 71 years old and I remember them from when I was around 11 or 12." So they've got some patina on them!

The seller had some other pots that I think she is going to be selling too, bigger and round, so I am going to contact her about that. I'd like to find a few larger ones for the seating area that I am making where the chicken run used to be.

These planters weigh about 45 pounds each, and I'm thankful that I have Kyle to haul things around for me!

Are you working on plans and ideas for your outdoor spaces? Do you make purchases off of FB Marketplace?


  1. They are nice! I think they are in good hands. I have never sold using Marketplace or bought. My daughter does both.

  2. i've both bought and sold using fb marketplace..
    with great results. love your patina'd pots!!!


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