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Friday, March 19, 2021

Being Brave

 My lovely mom and I went to tea on Wednesday. This was the first time she'd been inside a restaurant type establishment since last March. She does go out a few stores when necessary and she picks up her grocery order from Walmart.

Our favorite tea shop is small and the owner is very careful to follow our state guidelines, so my mom decided she felt comfortable going.

We talked about how for her, who wears a mask the times she has gone into a store, it felt a bit uncomfortable to not have a mask on. She mentioned that she feels safe with the mask on, even though she has seen the report from the CDC that wearing a mask makes little difference in people getting the virus. (I believe that came up in Gov. DeSantis of Florida's meeting on covid yesterday)

We talked about how she has never felt the need to wear a mask ever before through flu seasons, or even when my younger brother and I got the horrible swine flu in the 70's and have fevers of 105 degrees and were cared for at home!

Since they've been seniors, they've followed their doctors' recommendation on the flu shot and felt safe, my mom said, even though the flu shot doesn't cure the flu, and often isn't even for the 'varient' or strain of flu that seems dominant that year.

We had a lovely time together, and I was so proud of her for being brave to go and enjoy herself. 

I am glad that since June last year they chose to have the family in their 'cov*d' circle. They've had my granddaughters (their great grands) over for sleep overs, they've been a part of holidays, birthdays, and other family gatherings.

They don't plan to get the vax as there seem to be a lot of adverse reactions to it, and the vax only mitigates symptoms of cov*d, it doesn't keep you from getting cov*d.

I've been curious as to why our country didn't give everyone a dose of HCQ when it acts as both a preventative, and a cure. That med along with a few other things would have been a few dollars per citizen, and we could have been over this last year by summer.  There are bigger issues underlying this 'pandemic.'

There are other protocols too, that are effective. I have a long time friend fighting the virus right now. His wife had it and got over it easily but he's struggling. I ask her if they ask for one of the protocols, and she said she did but was told, "It's a virus and it has to run it's course." 

That shocked me.

Another friend shared this very helpful website   

Back to my curiosity regarding why we didn't pursue known cure/preventatives. I think it all comes down to profitability, even though it makes me sad to say that.

I know that if my parents get the virus, and they may already have and not had symptoms, I will advocate with my whole being that they get one of the therapeutics. If that doesn't work, we'll work with a frontline doc and get it done.

We are in charge of our health. We are sovereign people as adults, regarding our health choices. We can decide when we get certain tests, if we get them at all. We can choose to vax our kids or not, we can choose what kinds of treatments we take for illnesses.

We have a friend fighting stage four colon cancer. He's doing well on natural treatments and that is what he chose to pursue. Will it cure him? Maybe. But it was his choice, and he and his wife are at peace with that route they've chosen to take.

Be at peace friends. What ever you chose, I am your friend. We may not agree on everything, but that's okay. We all must make the decisions that we believe are right for us and our families (if we still have children in the home).

Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. i'm proud of your mom for taking courage!
    looks like she had a lovely time with you..
    and a wonderful tea date.

  2. So nice to see your pretty mom enjoying a cup of tea and time with you. Very much enjoyed reading this post. You are always so gracious and kind. (I have always wondered why things were pushed and why others were not. I have concluded that it is 100% political and that fools enjoy cutting off their noses to spite their faces.)

  3. First of all, thank you for introducing your lovely Mama to us!!!! So happy she has been living "with" her family. And that she went out with you. Just wonderful.

    Also thank you for this link.

    It is horrendous, that 2 medical regimens are out there. Proven to work. And "the Powers That Be" will not allow them to be used, widely. Of course, it is "Follow the money!" As is everything.

    Love your new BIG Blog Look!!!! I do so love big pictures!!! As you well know.

    Say Hello to your lovely Mama, for me, please. From your soon to be 84 year old Blogging Pal.

    Gentle hugs to all...

  4. Your mom is beautiful. Love her smile. Makes me wish I drank hot tea it looks so inviting and cozy. I'm with you on the therapeutics. That's the plan my kids will use if I get covid and I know my son and daughter will very verbally be for me on that. But we also have a back up plan like you of finding a doctor who will do what we want. Hope you have a great weekend also.

  5. You might want to check out
    You can get the protocol/medications sent right to your home and keep it on hand for when you need it.

  6. You have a beautiful mom! GLad y'all had a special day together!

  7. What a wonderful blessing to be able have tea with your mom! I absolutely agree with you about healthcare and making choices that are right for us with the government or anyone else telling us what to do. If we had been able to get HCQ when this all started, we wouldn't be where we are now! It's all about politics and control.

  8. Whatever governor DeSantis says, do the opposite. He's an idiot. We could've been over this last summer not with a useless dose of HCQ, but if the former (Thank God) president had taken this virus seriously. Wear your mask, it's that simple.

  9. That looks like a fun time going out for tea for both you and your mom. I think the treatment protocols are being suppressed for political reasons, which is a shame because they sound very successful.

  10. I'm so happy to find someone with this point of view here in blog land! There's so much misinformation and it's all so fear inducing. My daughter who lives with us (31 years old and 38 weeks pregnant) along with her husband both came down with covid in January so I called frontline drs and they prescribed HCQ for my husband and I as a preventative. We were both fine. My daughter didn't want to take anything since she was pregnant and her symptoms never got too bad, thank God. She had her baby last month and she's perfectly healthy! And her husband recovered without any trouble after he got an inhaler from his Dr.

  11. How nice to spend time with your mom, Deanna, and enjoy tea together. You and I think along the same lines. I’d much rather take HCQ or Ivermectin than get the Covid shot, which is really not a vaccine and I refuse to call it that.

  12. I have signed up to get the vaccine after talking to my doctor at my three month checkup last week. My kids wanted me to get it and I told them it depended on what he said. He told me that as a Juvenile Diabetic, I am at the highest risk of morbidity if I get COVID. That it is far safer to get the vaccine than the illness itself and the statistics where I live prove that as far as who died from COVID so far.

  13. What a beautiful picture of your Mother! I know you enjoyed this time together. You are correct, it is a personal choice for medical decisions. We always get the flu shot and we got the COVID vaccine. It was what we chose and we feel good with it, everyone can choose their own path. I hope you are having a blessed Monday and I will pray for your friend with colon cancer. HUGS!


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