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Thursday, March 11, 2021


 On Wednesday, Cheryl of Thinking About Home, her friend Barbara (now my friend, too!) and I met up for lunch in Dover, Delaware. It was a meet in the middle location, and we had a wonderful time together.  I have missed being with friends. 

Yesterday, Tim pressure washed the concrete slab of the dog/chicken run. It looks really good.  This is where I'd like to do seating and a portable fire ring, and perhaps a place to dine outside.

I like that the burning bush at the end of the dog run give some privacy from the road, and they are gorgeous in the autumn!

Here's a photo of the coop and the burning bush in full color from a few years ago.

And a shot through the lilac bush from a few years ago.

Tim is a hard working man. After he did the slab he pressure washed the whole driveway.  Work has been slow the last few months. Home sales are very competitive, but it's a sellers market so people are forgoing home and septic inspections in order to get their offers accepted. This means that the inspectors are not getting work.  Will you pray with us that this will turn around? Thank you friends!

Today, he is going to paint our picket fencing in the garden.  

I find so many interesting happenings with the government, too. Unusual things happening, and something feels off, doesn't it? I have my thoughts about this and if you'd like to chat about it let me know. I'm always up for a good political conversation.


  1. What a lovely picture of you three. So glad that you had the opportunity to meet halfway.

    The new patio area is looking great! What a fantastic idea to use the former chicken area in this new way.

    Everything feels off about this country.

  2. How nice that you could meet up with friends! Such a blessing and encouragement.

    Burning bush is such a beautiful shrub/tree. There are some really nice ones on our walking route that I enjoy seeing in the fall.

    Yes, things with the government do seem off. I'd love to chat and hear your thoughts.

  3. I love seeing you with your friends! Lots going on at your place. Your Tim is redeeming the time! What a hard working man! Reminds me of someone I know!

  4. I am thankful that we were all three able to get together! (We no longer take for granted such opportunities!)

    I am looking forward to seeing how you use this "new" area of your property!


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