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Monday, March 29, 2021


 I kicked the weekend off on Friday with this cute plant (which came in this adorable pot) from Aldi. I think I paid $3.99 for it. It wasn't more than $5.00 anyway. It's got a lot of leaves growing so I think I'll have to transplant it out of the cute pot soon, but that just means I'll have to find something for the pot, right?  

I completely agree!

Also arriving on Friday were these nifty new shower curtain liners. I'd wanted the kind with these little roller balls on them because they slide so easily, but finding ones with two holders so I can hang the liner and curtain on one hook? Awesome! This makes it easy to take the liner down for washing or the to change the curtain out seasonally, if I want.  Why did I wait so long? I had two rods up and I was still using the plastic curtain rings on my liner.  

I love the update!

For those of you who will ask, I bought this shower curtain in 2019 from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  I still love it!

I have begun painting the trim and doors on Saturday when I was home alone. I got the hall bathroom done, well, I have to paint the inside of the closet door to be all done!

It's a fresher white, we've had a creamier white, and I can't wait to get it all done soon.  Tim is onboard with the board and batten look for the wall and maybe even repainting the walls.

In answer to prayer, he is getting very busy. Thank you to those who prayed, too! 

Yesterday, we attended a Partnership 101class at our church, and then Tim helped Lindsay get some cattle panels at Tractor Supply for her plan to add ducks,  and more chickens to her flock.  

It rained pretty hard for a brief time, and with added wind, our power went out. That doesn't happen very often as our lines are buried here but some branches came down on some wires and our power didn't come back on until nearly two o'clock.

I know this because Kyle and I left the house at around 11:10 p.m. headed to meet up with Sarah and her roommate Nicole. They got a ride home with some friends who attended a prayer conference at Sarah's bible school this weekend.  

By the time we got home, and got into bed, it was only a few minutes and the power was back on! So grateful for that!

This morning Sarah and Nicole have to listen in on their last three classes. (they were given permission to leave early because they could ride home with these friends) 

I was to have my grands while their mommy had a dentist appointment but the dentist just canceled her appointment and had to reschedule so, that is one less thing on my plate for today.

I hope your weekend was lovely, and full of goodness. I hope you see your families, hug your grands, share a meal with friends!


  1. Love the shower curtain and where did you find the hooks? I don't think I have ever seen those. Enjoy your week ahead, I hope it is a great one. HUGS!

  2. Ahhhh, yes, indeed. I hope so, too. In the meantime, while we're holding the line, holding down the fort, we should continue to live our lives.

    I just knew that Tim would be onboard with the new project. For one thing, It is not such a great big project, but will make a great big difference.

    Glad that the girls are safely home for the week. 😁

    Yay! for the jobs coming in.The Lord knew just what you needed and when.

  3. Great plant and love that shower curtain. The new hooks are great.


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