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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Home Keeping - Bathroom Update Ideas


Over the last few years I have become a big fan of board and batten accent walls. I've long liked beadboard but have never done it in our home.

All the trim in the main living areas of our home, and the interior doors in this space need to be repainted, and so I've decided that this would be an excellent time to add an accent wall in our hall bathroom! 

Don't you agree?  These are a few of my inspiration photos, I have them saved on my Pinterest board - For The Home - and then in the subcategory of Walls.

I don't want it to be expensive to do, or super time consuming. Plus we have a large light switch in the middle of the wall so I'm thinking the board and batten would work better to have it blend in.  

Now to chat with Tim about it.  Kyle and I can do the painting.  I'm thinking of maybe painting the upper wall in a navy and the board and batten white to blend with the trim.

Do any of you have feature walls, or whole rooms with beadboard or shiplap or board and batten?  I'd love to hear about it!


  1. Do I have entire walks and ceilings... 😁

    I do like the look of board and batten walls...the family cottage is done that way. It is less expensive than beadboard and comes across similarly.

    Tim will like your idea, I am sure.

  2. Great ideas! I love both beadboard and board and batten. In the Farmhouse, we had beadboard on the lower part of the kitchen walls. It was original to the house, although we had to buy some new pieces to fill in when we remodeled the kitchen. We also added beadboard to the bathroom in our last remodel. It adds such character! When we remodel bathrooms in this house, we will likely put beadboard where there is now (pastel) tile. Can't wait to see what you do!

  3. Love them both but have had beadboard in a farm kitchen and loved it! Think I'd like to have some again, this time in a bathroom redo of our guest bath. Anxious to see your redo!

  4. Thank you for this nice sharing. Great post.

  5. I have missed a lot of posts here. -sigh-

    My husband put this, on the bottom of our bathroom. And it's very nice.

    "Miss BB"

  6. I don't have any myself but I think it's pretty!


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