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Friday, March 26, 2021

Do You Know About The Old World Design Society?


Angela Reed of Parisienne Farmgirl blog {here}, who also had a podcast Homemaker Chic, and has a YT channel has started the Old World Design Society and it is open for spring membership. You can read all about it {here}.

I joined for the winter session and if you love English or French Country homes style, using old world style things then this society is for you. I feel as if I have found my people!

Social media is full of monochromatic farmhouses and as pretty as many of these are, they are not my style. I crave color, paintings, old silver, collected china, jewel tones, books, interesting mirrors and lamps.


There is a private FB page where people share their homes, and thrifted finds, build friendships, and encourage one another. There is a publication either print or digital, there is a group zoom call, earlly access to Angela's sales of Old World items.

I've been interested in seeing everyone's interpretation of Old World. I love rich color, and velvets, but I don't love a heavy look. It's wonderful to gain inspiration from people making their homes just how they like it, which is what I've advocated for for many years. I've never cared about what is trendy, I've cared about whether I like something and if it works in my home!

Anyway, I know that many of my friends here love beauty, gardening, and personal treasures, and so I thought I'd share Angela's Old World Design Society with you.

Let me know if you join, and I'll look for you on the FB page!


  1. I probably won't join, because I am limiting things such as that these days. I am on one of those sprees where I have just decided I have too much intake. I am kind of just focusing on blogs for which many have given up on, but there are still many many I love to read. I am with you on your descriptions of decor these days. I haven't really loved anything in a while which is perfectly fine. I am of the age where I know what I like and have too much anyway. No need to be encouraged to buy stuff. Occasionally I will see an all white home I like (before she quit blogging, I loved Poofing the Pillows white interiors) but I love color and old treasures and bookcases filled with stuff that tell a family's story. I get a kick out of the younger generation calling stained wood pieces of furniture brown wood. I have as much fun strolling through a thrift store or antique store as the new these days. Anyway, I thought I would let you know you aren't alone in your likes.

  2. Not joining anything these days as I am not in that season anymore. I love the look and colors of the first room. I suppose the reason they have shoved the furniture to the walls is because the room is tiny. I will do anything to avoid doing that. I am so glad that not everyone does the minimalist, unicolor, white look. There's a lot of creativity and I enjoy seeing people's style.I follow White Cottage where she decorates 99% in white. I like it, but couldn't do it. I like color too much.

  3. Thank you for sharing a lovely site!

    Her blog is now, on my List.

    I don't join things either, but I must be able to see pretty pictures. -smile-

    "Miss BB"

  4. Oh this all sounds dreamy...I'm with you, the internet is completely monochromatic. That doesn't work for me. I need to check this out!!


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