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Friday, March 12, 2021

Refreshing The Picket Fence


Many years ago, we got picket fence sections from a neighbor of a friend who was taking down a fence. God has always provided for us, even our wants. This allowed us to enclose the front flower garden and add charm to our property.

Isn't it cute?

As with all things, and especially when they come to you used, the fence fell into disrepair. Tim was so busy with work that it was hard to find time to do the needed work. He doesn't like to hire these jobs out, because they are things he can easily do. (though he is better at doing this now)

In the autumn he replaced the picket sections, and then yesterday he painted them with a paint/primer mix from our local hardware store.

I think it looks great!  

When Tim was done I swept the walkway, and had Kyle take a photo of the front side.

While Tim was outside, our neighbor came over to tell us that he had someone look at his roof and from a July storm that had hail he will be getting a new roof for free. Tim is going to have ours looked at, too. 

Several friends of the blog wrote to me saying they'd like to talk politics a bit, and so I will be doing that off and on. I have a few things to share today, so if you don't want to participate in this portion, feel free to leave a comment on the picket fencing, and go on with your day!

Sometimes, I don't know where to start because there are so many areas where things are wrong.  

I'll start with election stuff - 

1. A Michigan judge has reinstated a voting fraud case. You can read about that {here}.

2. Doug Billings interview with Sidney Powell. She talks about election fraud and the evidence they have and are working on. {here}

It's very interesting that people will say "Well, the courts have heard the cases and decided against Trump." That is just not true. The courts have decided to not hear the cases. That is different. They've decided based on standing or saying the cases are moot now that Biden is inaugurated. That's just wrong. If the courts heard the evidences then they'd have to say that fraud did happen and that the election must be overturned. Fraud, according to the law, automatically renders it invalid!

This shows how deep the corruption is.

I've shared with you about George News.  Their website has been affected by the fire in France. You can read about that {here}. It doesn't affect their YT channel or their Telegram channel.

They've shared some interesting things in the chat lately and Dan Scavino has been sharing some interesting things also. Dan is on Twitter, Instagram and FB. 

Here are a few things that the George news guys have been sharing in the chat.

Mighty interesting, if you ask me.  What does it mean? I don't know. Could it be something with Gov. Cuomo, triggering a domino affect? Maybe.

I'm headed out for groceries in a bit, then Kyle is going to his friends' house. We are starting a new tradition tonight. Dinner and games with whoever in the family can make it. It's going to be fun. 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.



  1. * love the fresh new fencing!
    * & love your new tradition..thinking that might
    be something to consider for us - with friends as
    we don't live near family. :)
    * politics. love/hate relationship. but things
    seem *off* .. no other way to describe.

  2. Tim did such a good job painting the fence. Oh a new roof is not to be sneezed at.

    Great family night tradition. ♟ Chess? Rook? What?

    As for politics...there's a whole lot of rot in the foundations. Money spoils people. Too many
    being bought and paid for.

  3. I love a pretty white picket fence, I have one too:) I have been so removed from politics, just needed a break. TOO many crooked people, that's what my Dad would have said! I am praying for our Country. Enjoy your Sunday dear friend, HUGS!

  4. The picket fence is beautiful, Deanna. Nothing says "charm" like a white picket fence in front of a home. Your place is so welcoming. Interesting and encouraging that your readers want to continue political conversation here. I appreciate your openness to do that, and thanks for sharing the links. I'll be checking them out. It's so hard right now for the truth to get out, what with the corrupt MSM. I get most of my news from Newsmax and Youtube channels I trust. Our freedoms are rapidly being taken from us, and I'm baffled as to why so many Americans are okay with that. Take care, my friend. Enjoy your beautiful home and family! Hugs.


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