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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Garden Talk


As I mentioned yesterday, we mulched the flower beds on Saturday.  We also replanted a few of these roses, as I realized that they were planted a bit too high. In this bed of roses, I also have the perennials of Echinacea, salvia, larkspur, daylily.  There are also, in the other beds, hydrangea, bleeding heart, feverfew, iris, a few tulips, poppies, and a lovely hollyhock called, "Nigra."

In the past I've had some zinnia which were great, but in the last few years I've had trouble with sowing seeds due to chickens scratching in my flower beds.

Now that the chickens are happily residing at Lindsay's home, I can direct sow these gorgeous poppies, the zinnias, the hollyhocks, and the cosmos!

I'm beyond excited to grow these gorgeous additions to my garden!

Garden is trial and error sometimes. I've planted things that haven't done well, started seeds that turned out great, had failures and successes. I like the process and the creativity of gardening, and I love having fresh flowers to cut and bring into our home. I also love taking a bouquet as a hostess gift, or to someone for a birthday gift.

I'm going to try to get to one of the garden shops I like and see about some flowers for my concrete planters!

Do you know the key to planting in pots?  The basics are you want a filler, a spiller, and a thriller! A main plant for the middle (usually something that will grow tallish) that's the thriller, then you want a plant that will grow down the sides of the pot, then you want a pretty plant for the rest of the pot, and that is the filler.

Here is an example

The geranium is the thriller (color) the white flower (I don't remember the name) is the filler, and the sweet potato vine is the spiller!  These plants and colors played nicely with each other all summer. As you can see this method works no matter the size of your pot.

Here's an example of a big flower urn.

This is so big, they have several fillers and spillers, and a hydrangea for the thriller! 


Isn't it gorgeous?! It's way to big for the scale of my home, but I can easily use this method to make something beautiful in my own garden planters, and so can you!

I do want to say, though, that sometimes a beautiful pot planted with just one kind of flower is stunning.

The great thing about gardening in pots, planters, and urns is you can do it in any size space, and its easier on your body to care for!

What garden plans do you have for this year? Any tips or favorite plants you want to share? Let's chat in the comments!


  1. These gorgeous container gardens make me excited about spring flowers!!

  2. Lots of garden plans here - I'm starting some zinnia and snapdragon seeds indoors this week, and sweet peas - some outside, as well. I'd like to compare the growing rates. My tomato plants just sprouted and it's so exciting. You have some lovely looking seeds there.

  3. I love gardening and have for many years. It is something I inherited from my mother. I find something to do outside year around. In the winter I do the heavy labor stuff like bush and small tree trimming, transplanting shrubs etc.
    Thank you for the planter ideas. I may incorporate some in my planning for container gardening this year. I'm so excited as the weather in my area is warm enough to purchase pansies.

  4. White picket fence!!!!! Oh that will be beautiful!!!!

    Who those flowers are going to be lovely.

    We have pots on the back patio, and I want to have every color of the rainbow, this year. Sort of. -smile- I usually go for a couple of complimentary colors but this year, I want a riot. -gigggles-

    "Miss BB"


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