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Friday, April 9, 2021

Friday Five


I finally got my concrete planters planted! 

One of them has this gorgeous Martha Washington geranium.

The other two planters have ranunculus and three different colors of pink diascia. 

At this point I'd say the ranunculus is the thriller, and the diascia is acting as the filler and the spiller.  The garden shop didn't really have another option that I liked at this point. I will likely change out some of these flowers as the summer comes on anyway, and there will be a lot more available at that point.

Now to figure out where to place them in the garden!


  1. I love those planters! They were a such great find! We are just beginning to talk about potting a few containers. Ron thinks it's too early, but there are annuals in the garden centers, so I am ready to get started! How do you deal with cold overnight temps this time of year, or even the possibility of frost? Do you bring things in? Cover them?

  2. Hope that you are not doing any lifting! What beautiful planters with their flowers. Gotta love ranunculuses (?)...I found mine at Hobby Lobby and I enjoy them each summer. Currently, I'm sporting pussy willows and forsythia. Wish I had tulips. 🌷🌷🌷

  3. Beautiful blooms, thanks for the reminder to get flowers for my concrete planters:) Enjoy your day dear friend, it looks like a beautiful day here where we are. HUGS!

  4. They are lovely!!!

    I'd not want to have to move them though! They look heavy. But you have strong arms in your family, to do the lifting. As do we. -smile-

    I am tempted by geraniums, but have not gotten them. Wondering how long they last. But you simply change out, later, for different flowers. How come I never even considered doing that???? Duhhhh me!!! LOL


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