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Monday, April 26, 2021


 We had a surprise on Friday evening!  We gathered for our Friday Family game night, and while we were eating dinner, my daughter from Tennessee showed up with her kids!  She'd been talking about how she thought she could do it (12 hour drive with three small kids) but I guess I assumed we'd know about it! LOL!

So far we've had a lot of fun playing outside, watering plants, playing with cousins, going to church, eating yummy food. They'll be here for a week, and I think Tim is going to drive back down with her, take a few days there, and then fly home on Sunday. The airline we like to use only has flights to and from Nashville on certain days. He works hard, helps others all the time, and he deserves a few days of relaxation.  Plus, he loves to drive!

Emma is an excellent mother and her kids love being with her. Yesterday, we set up the hammock and they all piled in.

I sat outside for a long time yesterday with the kids playing and then Tim joined me. Emma came out. We enjoyed a fun and relaxing Sunday afternoon in the sunshine.  We sat on the concrete pad that I want to make into a patio space.  This video shows you a vantage point you don't often see.

My heart is happy.

It's going to be an excellent week!

Pray for the audit in Arizona. I believe that this audit will show mass fraud and that it will have a rippling effect in the other states that halted counting on election night. The other side doesn't want this audit to happen, and they are fighting hard. Let's fight harder in prayer! Remember, if there was nothing fraudulent about this election, they wouldn't mind an audit. It doesn't hurt anything to do one. I think we've found out that we should likely do an audit of every state after every election! We didn't know before but now we do!

Did you have a good weekend?


  1. So glad that you are enjoying some happy days with Emma and the children (what a delightful surprise!), and that Tim is able to help on the return trip and even have some time for relaxation!!

  2. What a wonderful surprise! Enjoy your week! I agree with you on the audits-if they don't happen, I'm afraid we'll never have a fair election again.

  3. That girl of yours is pretty amazing. I don't know how she did that all alone. Glad that she has landed for the week. And glad that Tim will be helping next time. ☺️

    Yes, praying regarding the Arizona audit. Fervently.

    Have a fabulous week! Is that gently rolling hill steep enough for Clark to ride? 😉

  4. What a nice surprise you got. Bet you're heart is singing. Praying for our country for sure.
    Enjoy your family and the sunshine.

  5. 12 hours with 3 kids?? Wow, I am impressed, but I get it. Sometimes you just want to see your mama! Enjoy the full house this week. There's nothing better. xo


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