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Friday, April 30, 2021



Yesterday there were lots of plans. I had a doctor's appointment, then I would meet Kayleigh in the town where our co-op meets. She grew up there and was going to take their suburban to get some exhaust work done. I was going to pick her and the kids up, get some lunch, go to co-op. 

After co-op we were going to come back to our house and have a campfire and cook hot dogs over the fire. My parents were going to come over, and all my kids and grands would be there, except Sarah who is finishing up her first year at Bible School.

Also, Nate was working with Tim yesterday, and in preparation for Tim being away this weekend, he planned to mow two of the places he and Kyle mow every week.

Most of this did happen, except there was an early morning call from my mom saying that "I think Dad had a little stroke." He was up before her (unusual) and when she asked him what was going on his speech was garbled, and he knew it. (He later told the doctor that he'd gotten up at 1:30 not feeling right)

I picked them up and drove them to the ER and with Covid rules, I couldn't stay with them. He was back to normal in his speech and he'd never had any mobility issues. So, knowing that they'd be there a good part of the day, and that they'd likely keep my dad overnight, we kept the schedule planned for the day.

We had a work day at my parents house last Saturday.


Emma with my oldest son Nate and his daughter Kaidence.

Clark helping Grandpa. He dearly loves "work 'achines" and loved learning to take the lug nuts off the tires. He did several all by himself!

Emma holding Nate's youngest daughter Kennedy.

Dad did have a TIA and they did keep him overnight. He will get a full body MRI today, and then we expect for him to come home. Kyle and I will go with my Mom to get my Dad later today.  

It certainly was not the day we had planned, but in the midst of everything God's grace was abundant. We'd also had a stomach bug go through some members of the family this week, too, and God was gracious to have it not be too bad.

Tim leaves today with Emma and the kids. They are headed home, and the road trip will be easier with Grandpa along. He'll fly home on Sunday.

I'm anticipating a quiet weekend, but as I've come to realize over the years, we must hold our plans lightly and trust God to lead us through our days.

Have a wonderful weekend! May is nearly here! Wow!


  1. Best Wishes for your father.

    Ahhhh... Older men. Why didn't he wake your mom, when he first got up, not feeling well? -sigh-sigh-sigh- And smile...

    Glad most things, went as planned.

    Gentle hugs...

  2. "Holding plans lightly" is such excellent advice. I am certainly glad that it was a TIA. Here's to ongoing healing and a restoration to good health. It really was a week, wasn't it?! Praying for traveling mercies for Emma and children and Granddad, too. A good weekend to you all.

  3. So thankful that your dad is okay and that his speech has returned to normal. Will pray for wisdom for the doctors and for your parents.

    Praying for Tim and Emma and kids as they drive to TN, and for safety for Tim's flight home as well. So happy that he can go along and help out.

    And yes, we never know what a day will bring forth, do we?

  4. So much going on and you simply follow along the curves that come with planning. Prayers for your dad....
    You are so good to your parents....and I know your children are good to you and Tim. Y'all are such good examples.
    Your family is simply beautiful and I always enjoy seeing photos of them.
    Enjoy your quiet weekend!

  5. Oh gosh! I'm glad he seems ok. I hope he continues to feel better and all goes well...prayers to you all!

  6. Oh I am so very sorry to read this's a frightening ordeal when our parents age...hoping all goes well...wishing you a lovely and peaceful weekend!

  7. Oh my goodness, prayers for your Dad and your Mom. I know that was scary. Autumn's family had a stomach bug this past week and it ran thru every single one of them. I pray safe travels for all who will be on the road. Enjoy your quiet weekend, I plan on resting some... I hope:) HUGS!


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