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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Let's Chat


                              Tim took these photos a few days ago of the sky at sunrise!

Hello friends.

I've recently found myself so burdened for our nation, that I hardly know what to post here. My daily life is a mix of family and trying to stay up to date with what is happening in our nation and world. 

Since the election much has been revealed and I hear people say that our nation has quickly gone towards socialism, but I say that we've been headed that way for a long time, it's just that we can see it now. It's not that one party is bad and the other good, it's that there is a lot of corrupt people on both sides, and the party with the majority is quickly trying to get our nation back to where things were at the end of the O administration. That quickness (powered by EO's and not laws) have helped to awaken people I think. So has the mess at the border.

I've always loved that our nation welcomed people from around the world. America was known as a melting pot. Our nations' motto "E Pluribus Unum" means "Out of many, One." But we have a system in place to allow people to come legally. Where they can be checked to see if they have criminal backgrounds, etc. There is a system for those who need asylum and record numbers applied and were allowed in during the previous administration.

The media has created false stories, spun other stories, and created wrong views of many things. We now are being shown that corporations are trying to control the laws in this country, too. Everything is being revealed.

So, you can see that sometimes I have a hard time coming on the blog to talk about tea or my garden. 

However, those things are a part of my life, and I do love to share hospitality, encouragement, friendship, and beauty here. So I will continue to do that.

I also want to share my hope with you. I do see that there are things happening, states are fixing election laws, my state recently removed 20,000 deceased voters off of our voter rolls, and audits are being done by some states. Truth will prevail.

My main hope is in Jesus. If nothing ever changes here in this land that I love, my life is in his hands. I trust him.


You may remember that a few weeks ago, Tim flew down to be with his mom and siblings, because she was transitioning to be with the Lord. The week after the nurses confirmed it, she was breathing very shallowly and sleeping a lot, even though she had rallied when her kids were there.

Easter weekend Tim's sister and family came to spend spring break with her, and she rallied again, and the nurses said "We're not sure if she is still in transition." (grin) If she keeps this up she might make it to her 100th birthday in late October!

I'd be interested to know how many readers are actively parenting, and how many readers are grandparents. Since I am both, I sometimes am not sure who my main audience is here, though based on my regular commenters it is grandparents.

However, I have a wealth of homeschool knowledge and encouragement that I'd be happy to share if there was an audience for it!

Thank you all for listening to me this morning.


  1. I thoroughly enjoy your blog whatever you choose to post! I'm a proud grandma (they call me Mimi) to three girls and three boys, but the tie will be broken in August when we welcome our fourth grandson! I am saddened by all the negative changes in our nation and world, but like you, I try to keep uppermost in my life that God is in control. Nothing will ever change what my Jesus has done for us and I know He will keep us in His care always.

  2. I am from New Jersey and our governor is More of a ruler. Not a fan. Anyway I share the same feelings as you do. I can tell by what you write wish we could live closer and be friends lol I look to your blog for encouragement that there are still like minded people out there. I am 66 and a grandmother. As all of the kids left the nest years ago. It's fun to see all of the fluff house subjects. But there's more happening in our country that we need to be more aware of. Unfortunaly at he urging and warnings to wait and see what happens to people who get vaccinated. My daughter over 30 went ahead and got in anyway. So upset over this I don't trus big pharmaand their agendas
    I am somewhat computer challenged or I would have a blog. Have a blessed day always want to hear what you want to share

  3. I am a grandparent. Both of my children are adults. It concerns me the direction the country is taking. I too have seen it coming for such a long time. I know that only turning to the Lord is the answer. I keep praying and try to stay positive. Not easy at times:)

  4. I'm a nobody, who are you? (Good old Emily had a way of cutting things down to size.) I enjoy reading here about whatever you wish to discuss. The way you have handled the national nightmare is brilliant in my book.

  5. I'm a grandmother and great grandmother. I enjoy your postings what ever the subject matter might be. I agree with you on this country's state of affairs and you are right, the curtain has been pulled back. I'm in my early 70's and I never thought I'd live to see the day we would be this close to becoming a socialist/communist country. But GOD is in control and I trust him. Thanks for you wonderful blog.

  6. You know I don’t comment but I am always reading here an sup for homeschool anything! I love your blog!

  7. I am a grandmother. I have one granddaughter who is homeschooled and all my others grandkids go to public school. My son is in the process of taking his kids out of public and put them in a Christian school. I love your blog and I agree with you about our government. My belief in God is the only thing that keeps me sane through these trying times.

  8. I am a mom to nine. The oldest will be getting married in June, and the youngest is six. I enjoy reading what you write, even though I don't know you!!! We have a few mutual contacts and friends and I would say we have a very similar point of view on many things.


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