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Friday, April 16, 2021

Friday Five

 On Wednesday Rachel invited me to go along to a local Amish greenhouse. She was looking for plants to pot for her deck, and I am always interested in plants, so I quickly said yes!

I found these beauties and the pots at the greenhouse. I was impressed with the quality of their plants and their prices! I will be going back, soon, as we didn't get a chance to look at the outside portion due to rain.

I've never grown a dahlia before, and I am very excited about this one! I watch a lot of British tv shows (on Britbox and Acorn) and so I tend to say 'day-lia' and not 'dah-lia' as I used to.

I made this dahlia the 'thriller' of this pot with this pretty Lobelia as the 'filler' and the limey imopea (sweet potato vine) and the spiller!

I found a deck rail planter for $8.00 and filled it with these amazing geraniums for the 'thriller', these cute petunias as the filler, and the same sweet potato vine as the 'spiller.'

In real life these geranium have a tad more purple tone in them. They are amazing! I'll keep trying to get a photo of them with their right tone.

Keep praying for our nation. I see that the media is being revealed as a propaganda arm for the left, there is going to be a forensic audit of the ballots from Arizona's largest county this next week. I read this morning that g**gle has blocked the ability for volunteers to sign up.  When will people SEE the interference? G**gle is a search engine but they are using their power (and they've done it for years to block your access to things they don't want you to find out about) to interfere with a state's right to audit their election. You know they want to hide something when many sources are fighting it so hard. If there was no fraud - then be glad for the audit to show it, right? Right.  

Which leads to so many corporations doing the same. Pulling their money out of states etc, by pulling their business or events. I'm loving that many of these states are fighting back and taking away these corporations tax incentives! We must fight back in the ways we can which is by finding alternative sources for products. It's hard and challenging but it's the way we can speak to power - with our wallets!

I'm praying for big things in the lives of the people I love and for the nation I love! I know you are doing the same for your countries! 

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Thriller, filler, and spiller, I never heard these terms, and I am intrigued! Your planters look amazing. I am lacking a green thumb here! You asked a few days ago about your readers, I am a grandma of 8 (going on ten, two babies due this summer), and a mom of 16, four still living at home. We homeschooled a few here and there, and still homeschool one son. The two youngest girls homeschooled for five years, but are back in "real" school now. Our district is small, and very good, our superintendent has worked hard to get the kids back five days a week, and we were one of the few schools that opened hybrid, in our area, last fall. Anyway. I agree with you about g@@gle, and then CNN is about as corrupt as the day is long. What's sad is that most people don't realize it, they just watch it all day long, and believe it all. There IS much to pray for, and to speak out about...

  2. Dahlias are beautiful no matter how you say it. Are you one of those who take on accents quickly? ☺️ I am glad that you have found an economical source for flowers and supplies.

    Yes, praying for this nation and am gratified that there are patriots left. Hope that the pendulum can swing back. I refuse to use groogle for searches anymore.

  3. Oh you make me want to plant flowers! We have to keep praying, our Country needs it desperately! The Media is really making me mad these days! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  4. You will enjoy growing dahlias. Their beauty lasts so long. I learned about the thriller, filler, spiller concept watching gardening videos on Youtube. It really does make for a beautiful container. I enjoy watching the UK gardening shows, too. I'm a little envious that your weather is warm enough to grow flowers. We're not even close to that here in Colorado. It snowed today. Not a lot, but definitely it's too cold to garden. (sigh). I do appreciate your pretty flowers though. Hugs.


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