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Monday, April 12, 2021



We had a good weekend.

Friday night we had family night, and played RummyKub (rummy cube), and talked a lot. Saturday Tim had some jobs to do then he and Kyle did lawn mowing at my parents house and at some older friends of ours who have health issues.

I took the opportunity to putter around the house, clean bathrooms, tidy the kitchen. I had the doors open and let the warmth and fresh air in the house.

Spring is showing off this year with the flowering trees and shrubs. My lilacs are getting close to blooming! 

Sunday we went to church, and then came home and got take out Chinese food. Kamryn's friend came home with us for the day, and while we had expected thunderstorms (they arrived in the evening) it was mostly sunshine. The girls played outside all afternoon, in the creek, running around the pasture, riding scooters. It was fun.

I hope your weekend was full of good things.  There is a lot going on in our world, not just the United States, and it is scary and hopeful all at the same time.

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