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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

News Items Of Interest


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This morning I was up early and headed out to a lab appointment for my yearly bloodwork. I've was listening to a daily report that I listen to, and the guy was mentioning some of the things I had read about yesterday. You won't hear about them on the msm, so I thought I would share them with you.

This first thing was this:


JUST IN - Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick suffered 2 strokes and died of natural causes a day after the unrest at the Capitol on January 6th, the District’s chief medical examiner has ruled.

The autopsy found no evidence of an allergic reaction to chemical irritants, external or internal injuries. Capitol Police officer Sicknick died of natural causes, 2 strokes due to a blood clot.

Around the time they had his ashes laying in the Capitol, his mother said that it seemed as if he had died of a stroke. But the msm and the dems kept up the narrative that crazed DJT supporters had bashed him over the head with a fire extinguisher. Then when the testimony came out in front of congress that there had been no wounds on him, or evidence that he'd been struck with anything, they changed it to two people sprayed bear repellent on him and that caused his death. They arrested two people for this!  But if you read the second paragraph above, DC's chief medical examiner said "No evidence of an allergic reaction to chemical irritants, external or internal injuries."

The poor man had a 2 strokes and died of natural causes! Will the dems and the msm come out and tell us they were wrong?  No. No, they won't.

The second thing was that in Arizona as they are preparing for the audit of Maricopa County to start, they've had to put extreme security in place and let people know. Antif* is threatening to come and interrupt the audit.

They seriously don't want this audit done. Why? I think it's because it will clearly show election fraud, and if there was election fraud there, and it shows DJT really one that state then the dominos begin to fall.

The third thing that is being talked about (which had been discussed after November 3rd but never went anywhere) is that Mark Zuckerberg gave $300 million dollars to towns, and cities, and counties etc, to 'help' with elections. I read that he gave 5 Million + to the Georgia Secretary of State's office.  No wonder the GA SoS has been resisting any real audit of their ballots. 

I have been happy to see that states are shoring up their election laws the right way through their legislatures. My state legislature was bypassed (which is against our state constitution) by our Secretary of State and when they appealed to the state supreme court, the court allowed what the SoS had done (again against our state constitution!) They are a majority dem court. If your own legislatures can be bypassed, then you have a dictatorship.

Which is also true of the federal government. If a president can rule by executive orders, then that president is a dictator. You can read about what Bid*n has said about that in the past {here}.

Anyway, I get to feeling discouraged sometimes, at how quickly things have gone, but I am also encouraged as I see people awakening to what's been going on and seeing that for many years this corruption has gone on. By both parties!  

This is not a R vs D situation. It is corrupt people allowing other nations to infiltrate our nation, for their own gain. Certainly it's not for the good of the American people!

One last thing. There is a new platform for free speech called Frank. ( I've joined because I want to protect my First Amendment Rights!

It's a beautiful day here, and I hope you have an excellent day, too!


  1. I just read about the fire extinguisher lie, it should be headline news. Then Biden called the Floyd family, insanity. Maxine should be in jail. The world is upside down. Thanks for the heads up about Frank!

  2. I won't join Frank because they require a phone number and I don't give that piece of information, but I am very glad that it is up and running after being hacked on start day.

    You are so right. This is an equal opportunity corrupt mess. It is profoundly disappointing. Not sure that I have much oomph left to deal with the nightmare. I can pray, though.

    Hang tough. It takes grit to fight these evil beasts.


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