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Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Do You Wordle?

 I'd heard about Wordle, but hadn't played it until I was reading an online newsletter and they shared a link to the game. I gave it a try and was hooked.

Rachel and Weston recently started playing and she says that she finishes before him, but he does it in less 'guesses.' She plays like me, sometimes using a letter you know isn't in the word but to try to get letter placement right, or find other letters that may be in the word.

Here is an example of how I play. I usually start with words with e and a in them but this day I used a different word to start. I also got lucky to have the R and E in the right spots on the first try with those letters.

I tried a R and E word and got no more correct on that try.

On my forth word I got help with the N but it was in the wrong place. 

So I thought for a while and tried this word.

Happily it was correct!

Here is a shot of another game.

I play for fun, and I confess that if I get to the last chance and have no clue I use a generator that helps with options. However, you still have to chose the correct option! I think I have failed once.

I'm not a highly competitive person though I enjoy playing games, and I like to win.

So do you Wordle? Do you use an app to help you with options? Do you write options down on paper?


  1. I enjoy wordle and use a word generator if I'm running out of chances and still have no clue.

  2. You are not the first to ask. I do not Wordle. Word scrambles are too much for me. I am having enough trouble with Sudoku. Glad that you are having fun with it! Do you play with others online?

  3. Thank you for your Birthday Wishes.

    Have heard of it, but never seen it. My husband would probably like it, because he does newspaper crossword puzzles...

    💚 💗 💚

  4. I don't Wordle but our daughter was teaching our son and got him hooked over last weekend.

  5. You might also enjoy Worldle. Same idea but geography. Fun to compete with family and friends every day.

  6. I do play! We all do in this house, my husband's boss introduced us to the game and we're hooked. I don't use a word generator or an app. We now also play WordHurdle which is the same game with 6 letters. Fun.

  7. I love Wordle!! I don't use a word generator or an app and I have never missed a word, although I have made it by the skin of my teeth a couple of times! I am kind of glad that you can only play once per day because I fear I'd spent way to much time on it otherwise. (If anyone knows a way to play multiple times in a day, don't tell me! 😂)


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