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Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Spring Is Here



The crocus and daffodils are blooming in the garden, we did some weeding (already) in the cottage garden bed, I walked around outside a bit yesterday, without a coat or sweater.

While my favorite season is Autumn, I adore Spring. Fresh life bursting out everywhere! In North Carolina the flowering trees were in bloom, and gave so much delight! In South Carolina the flowering trees were already leafing out! Spring moves fast!

These tulips were purchased last week when I bought the flowers for my mil's memorial service. They were $5 a bunch and tightly closed. They're bring a lot of joy to my soul having them in the house.

Today, Kyle is planning to give the property it's first mowing.

Are you enjoying the beginning of spring where you live?


  1. Your tulips look so cheery! Tulips are my favorite! Yes, spring is springing here too. It seems like there is something new every day!

  2. The mere beginnings... 😁

  3. Our neighbors' flowering trees bloomed just today! I don't know what they're called, but they are very pretty!

  4. Much of our snow had already left due to warm temps, heavy rain on Saturday, and high winds. We don't have flowers poking through or anything like that. Our main sign of spring at present is the maple sap running. Now we're under a winter weather advisory starting early tomorrow morning ... seems we could get several more inches of snow.

    Your tulips are beautiful. Love the color.

  5. First mowing! Wow! Love tulips and the color is lovely. Well we are finally thawed out here. It will be a few weeks before we have our first mow. Happy weekend to you.


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