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Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Tea On Tuesday

 I don't know if anyone out here in blogland still does Tea on Tuesday, I don't every week, but I sure do like it. Today I have five new to me tea cups to share, and a beautiful tea cozy!

These tea cups are all from my friend Jane. She's been downsizing her possessions, and since she doesn't use these and her kids have said "no" to these, I happily said "yes!" 

All made in England.

They are all charming in design and style. Thank you, Jane!

A few months back, someone, maybe Lorrie (?) or Brenda(?), shared that their cousin had moved from Canada to England and has a business called Bring Back Tea Time. I checked out her social media and she was having a give away for signing up for her newsletter. I signed up, because I always like to read about tea and tea related things, and I won a tea cozy!

It's a Spode Blue Italian pattern. It's beautifully made and just right for my blue and white tea things!

With spring here, I am feeling a tea gathering with friends coming on!

Here is the lovely note that accompanied my cozy.

You can find Teresa at her website {here}, and on FB {here}.

I hope you'll give her a visit and enjoy her lovely tea wares!


  1. Congratulations! That's a lovely tea cozy and I recognized the Spode blue Italian pattern right away from having watched way too many Chateau Diaries, They are now describing it as Spode camouflage they have so much. Jane really blessed you with some sweet tea cups, I have one a lot like the pale pink set. It's one of my favorites. Yes, it is definitely time for tea, Soeaking if which, you might glean some fun ideas from Ellen's' post for her granddaughter's birthday party with a tea theme. So many great ideas for the table. You'll find Ellen at The Happy Wonderer.

  2. Congratulations on winning! I do remember Tea on Tuesday. I don't remember who hosted. Happy tea and happy Spring to you!

  3. How nice that you were able to help Jane by taking those lovely things off her hands! (eally though, I'm sure she was happy that you wanted them! They are all lovely! Congrats on your win of that pretty tea cozy!

  4. What a fun win...and such pretty cups. I'm a sucker for a pretty tea cup, too!

  5. Beautiful teacups from your friend, and a lovely win!!


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