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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Seeking Out Beauty

 Well, it's quiet in blogland these days.

I know many of you may be uncomfortable with my Friday posts. That's okay. I'm uncomfortable knowing what's going on and I am compelled to share with you all.

In my daily life, I do a lot of reading; Bible study, news and current events, gardening. But I choose to focus daily on seeking out beauty. I posted this week on Truth Social and this is what I shared.

 Focusing on what is True, Honorable, Just, Pure, Lovely, Commendable, Excellent, Praiseworthy has kept me with my mind focused on the right things. 

Also, I believe that this something that is in my hands to do. There are many things beyond my control but this is not one of them. I cannot determine the outcome of court cases, or insure that elected officials act justly, but I can seek out beauty.

That list above is really a list of things that are full of beauty. A neighbor helping another neighbor, encouraging someone, listening to your children talk. 

Growing some flowers, taking a drive to see the ocean, watching the clouds move in the sky. Cooking a meal for your family and a weekly visiting friend, setting a pretty table, putting flowers in a vase in the bathroom.

I can control much of the beauty in my life, and I can pray to have eyes to see beauty everywhere.

I encourage you to find beauty, and point it out to others in your life. This is the kind of goodness that will help others. There is such a need for healing in this world, in our nation, our towns, our neighborhoods. We can help others on the path to the ultimate healer. 

All it takes is someone to say, "Did you see that beautiful..."


  1. You are a blessing and you have a 'voice' for the things we need to hear. Yes, sometimes we may be overwhelmed and be silent as we absorb the truths you show us. You have a strong spirit - maybe stronger than most - and that may be why God has given you your 'voice.' Keep doing what you know God is directing you to do. Silence does not mean people are not listening. I love you and admire you so very much.....

  2. I was raised in California but left the States years ago (we're around the same vintage). But, somehow I've always considered myself an American - and I've been shocked, saddened and horrified as I've watched the destruction of a majestic Christian country. I've never commented before (no time) but I always read your Friday posts (and others when I get a chance) and want you to know I really appreciate the viewpoint you bring and the Christian lens. Thank you for helping me stay up-to-date. Blessings, Cari (in South Africa)

  3. I love this post. I have a little piece of paper with Phil. 4:8 written on it next to my vitamins so I can read it every morning. It reminds me to keep my focus on the good things in life. It's so easy to let the negativity in this world get to me. So, I put on the armor of God. I know that God wins this war and I thank Him every day for giving us His word to help us get through the hard times. I think what you are doing by posting the truth is very important and I keep you in my prayers. Bless you, Deanna.

  4. Really enjoyed reading these wonderful comments this morning. Yes, I am a terrible snoop. When Linda says that you are stronger than most, I agree. Following the news of the times and pushing back is not for the faint-hearted.

  5. I always enjoy your posts, and I thank you for sharing. Hugs from Wisconsin


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