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Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Garden and Glasses

My cottage garden is looking lovely, in spite of the iris being almost done. The roses, poppies and peonies are beautiful.

One reason this garden brings me joy is that I am able to cut some of them and enjoy them in the house.

Take this gorgeous peony for example.

I have several small groupings of this beautiful peony around the house. Delightful.

This peony was given to my by my mom who no longer wanted it. She says now that she regretted that, but I suppose she's glad now that she lives here at our home! I cut some for her room on Saturday!

I ordered sunglasses and readers this week, and they arrived this weekend!

Not the best photos, but they'll do. I got a five pack of readers, so I can keep a pair in my purse, next to my bed, next to my chair, etc. They have blue light blocking as well. The sunglasses are polarized.
Trying to protect my eyes!

I hope you had a nice holiday weekend.

Yesterday, two friends came over for lunch. We ate homemade grilled hamburgers, potato salad, baked beans, and a delicious corn salad that Betsy shared on her blog {here}. The only thing I didn't add is cucumber, as I didn't have any. It was very good. We also had fresh picked local strawberries, and English Apple Pie and Ice Cream for dessert.

It was a really nice day.


  1. That menu sounds scrumptious! Today, I am wishing that I had taken my sister up on her offer to send food home with me. Obviously, I am nuts! I made a Rhubarb Custard pie and even had a small piece. You look fabulous to me!

  2. Your garden is lovely as it evolves throughout the season, some flowers blooming while others fade! I love that you have an abundance of things to bring inside too! And speaking of abundance . . . I like your plan to have readers in all of the important places!

  3. Oh my Deanna..this post had everything I love....peonies, a lovely summer garden and a menu worthy of coming to your home with a big appetite! Just marvelous and I'm sure your guests enjoyed it! Bravo!


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