Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Storm Ahead...

 We have had a lot of snow and cold temperatures.  Tomorrow we are supposed to get more snow, then ice or freezing rain or whatever...

 The snow can be difficult, but ice is a real problem.  They are saying we could get up to an inch of ice - that is a lot of ice!  That means trees down, power lines down, that kind of thing.  Our power lines are buried underground, but if the transfer station goes out, so do we.  

We have a wood stove so we will stay toasty warm, we can even cook on it if necessary.  We have lanterns and oil lamps, books to read.  The difficulty gets to be having running water and flushing toilets.  So I think that tomorrow we will fill the garden tub in the master bath full.  And there is always snow to melt next to the wood stove as well.

And as for refrigeration...well, it is usually below freezing outside anyway...

With all our preparation we will probably likely only get a bit of sleet.  But I would rather be ready for whatever may come our way.

With so many states affected, how are you all faring?  Are you in the path of this storm?  What plans have you made?


  1. Keep warm! It's 47 and a bit damp here this morning. I don't think we're in the path.

  2. We are expecting 10-15 inches of snow...but no mention of ice with it, thankfully.

    We've gotten off pretty lightly all winter with snow so this is a big deal in the media-our biggest snow of the season and all.

    We have the same challenges as you do if we lose power-I don't like leaving the toilet un-flushed so I try to prepare when we have warning of bad weather, too. We can use our woodstove and oil lamps, too, so the water is the biggie. Our generator isn't working either and Clarence hasn't been able to find anywhere to fix it-so if we do lose power, we're going to be roughing it!

    Hopefully, it won't be all that bad for any of us! (Is that sticking my head in the sand, you think?)

  3. Prayers, that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure for you! We are frozen here, with windchill lingering around negative thirty and a high below zero. Schools are canceled and my husband decided to take a day off of work, and stay safe at home :) That makes this all easier, having him home safe and sound. There are way too many accidents and horrible stories of the road conditions, that I would much rather sacrifice some money and have him safe. I am going to cook up some chili, luckily I have plenty of food stockpiled for bad weather, we could eat for weeks. And emergency candles, etc.....stay warm and dry.

  4. It looks like we are only on the fringe. We were supposed to get it starting last night into tomorrow afternoon. We didn't get much last night or today and now, tomorrow, we are only supposed to get rain. I plan to stay indoors anyway. I have no reason to go out until Thursday.

  5. It's funny. We don't get snow here, but I dug my big coats out of storage to take to Nashville with me because they were expecting really cold weather. It never got very cold so I didn't even take the coat out of my car. But now that I'm home I need it! LOL! Try to keep warm! Lisa~


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