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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Meet Cheyenne

Cheyenne has been at here at "Creekside Meadow" for a try out! She belonged to our friends who had been given her, so their kids could have a horse to ride. Their kids weren't using her very much so they offered her to us. They knew we were on the lookout for another horse, for Cowboy Bob to ride as well as the girls. This sweet horse fits the bill. She is good tempered and Rachel handles her very well. It has been exciting to see the girls go up the road on a trail ride together.

I forgot to mention that our friends GAVE us this horse! What a gift - it is so exciting to see how God works on our behalf. We have been praying for another rideable horse. We had two boarder horses that were unrideable, and while they gave us some income to use to get the horses established, they could not be used at all. It is great for our kids to see God's answer to their prayers and hopes!


Anonymous said...

Oh I like the video!! How fun for your other horse too!!! So Blinker Bob is now Cowboy Bob too?? You know next he will get a buggy because this $4 gas is outrageous!
Saturday I saw it was $4.05 for the first time as I walked to Ryan and Alicia's!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dee, how is the Aphid War??


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