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Friday, June 27, 2008

Parental Rights

It is obvious that I support parental rights. One of the reasons that I do, is because there is an agenda out there that would destroy the whole family. One way to do this is to take a parents ability to make decisions regarding their child away from the parent. We always think "oh that won't happen here", or "that is an extreme case" etc...but read what is happening in Canada.


  1. I fear that very soon we are going to have no parental rights. For far too long, mothers and fathers have handed their children over to the government. It's not just about having children in public schools, but in what we have allowed the schools to teach. Most parents today don't WANT to be involved. It's easier to let someone else handle things. Look at where it has gotten us.

  2. Incredible. Just when you think it couldn't get worse, it does.

    When Lizzie was 16 and diagnosed with Endometriosis, I needed to call the advice nurse (for the specialist) on Lizzie's behalf because Lizzie was in too much pain to talk. The advice nurse refused to speak to me about my daughter's condition, never mind that Lizzie was a minor, and never mind that she was/is a virgin and this isn't a s*xual question. ?!?! Up to that point a parent could *pay* for whatever treatment their daughter receives, but they could not *know* the treatment. Insane. You see, in California, when a girl turns 12, her parents cannot know any medical information if it has to do with the s*xual/reproductive organs. No matter. Shocking? Oh yes. We (this included Lizzie) went through hoops to authorize us as her parents to know what's going on with her, medically. Lizzie had to go through an interview to ensure she knew what she was going to sign.

    I encourage all parents to determine the parental rights with regard to medical information if it involves reproductive organs.

    Canada is a socialist country. The United States isn't far behind, imho.


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