A Beautiful Day

The girls worked today, but Tim didn't. I have been needing to get out and spend some time with Tim. I looked at him today and said "We should go yard saleing." He surprised me and said "yeah!"

We got Rachel and the littles in the van and headed out. We just drove around looking as we didn't have a huge agenda for the day or anything in particular that we were looking for. We drove by a local shopping center that has a remote controlled race car track! This is a very cool place! Of course my guys had to watch for a while - so we stopped and enjoyed the amazing jumps these cars can do!

We then found a yard sale that has some toy trains for 25 cents a piece - guess who got some new trains? Rachel found a neat red leather jewelry box for a $1 and Sarah got a container of rubber butterflies for 50 cents. Treasures all around!

We also found a place nearby that had a tulle skirt with lots of layers that Sarah had to have right away? Price $1. Rachel got two pairs of cute earrings for 50 cents and we bought some wooden bowls and a bread maker for $20. We were having a very good day!

We remembered that there was a home coming up for auction that we wanted to have a look at. We are in the talking stages with my parents about either adding on some living quarters for them here at our place or possibly finding a place together. So we drove by and found the paper with the information. Guess what? Open house today! Amazing. We gave a call to my parents and arranged to meet them later during the open house. It turns out it was an Amish farmette - 6 huge bedrooms, open living spaces, 2 1/2 baths. A barn with 7 stalls and 4 fenced pastures. Fruit trees, garden spaces, beautiful location. Problems? No electricity - now we are all for living off the grid, but there is no electricity at all....bathrooms and kitchen need to be updated. So do the floors in those rooms. A lovely dream, but not likely due to the prices these places go for...for another Amish family it is move in ready!

We hit the grocery store for a few needed items, made dinner for the family including my niece Kaitlin who is here on her annual visit from CA and Nate's friend Jon. The menu - burgers on the grill, pasta salad, applesauce. Yummy! Oh and homemade cookies and cream ice cream with double stuff oreos!

A nice visit with my folks, the older girls out to have some fun, baths for the kiddos. Now I am making a meal for tomorrow's fellowship meal at church and cookies to take also.

These kinds of days are a joy to me - simple yet beautiful, time together, gorgeous summer weather...

I hope your day was as lovely.


  1. Sounds like you all had a great Saturday!

  2. You wear me out!! hehe Can I have some of your energy?!!

    Sounds like you had a great day with family...the best!

  3. What a fun day! I need to go yard saleing too.


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