Friday, July 31, 2009

Recent Sewing Projects

Rachel and Sarah had been asking for nighties. Lindsay had some muslin in my stash and I have the most adorable regency pattern for girls. I decided to use the pattern but leave the sleeves off. Perfect summer nightie but a bonus, as well. It it a perfect full slip!

I put soft pink buttons on Rachel's and brighter pink on Sarah's. That one is not shown here because it is in the wash!

See the sweet lines of the back? I love this pattern!

Sorry I don't have a close up of this skirt - you can click on it to enlarge it. It was a bit of fabric that was left over from a tote bag project. The girls are so tiny I could use this bit of fabric -the skirt has ONE seam in the back! and they both fit in it...
This is a close up of Sarah's pink butterfly skirt! It is made of a cute seersucker fabric from JoAnne's.

Here they are posing together...

This is a close up of Rachel's skirt - she wanted a long skirt like Emily has. If you remember the post I did about Sarah's skirt? The young girlies look up to the older girlies and love to dress like them!
This is Rachel's new fun thing in the house - climbing the hallway!
I will be doing some alterations for my mom tomorrow - but I intend to work on at least one apron!


  1. Great fabric.
    I hope we get to see the skirts on Sunday.

    Love the wall climbing!

    Becky K.

  2. Your last picture is so funny because at a certain age that is what my kids do too. Glad to now my kids are so 'normal'. hehe!

  3. Adorable.....oh to be that young and walk like would have to call 911

  4. How precious! And your daughters are such lovely models too, LOL!

  5. Such sweet nighties! The girls are adorable ~ love the wall walking :)

  6. Ahh, LOVE the one of Rachel in the hallway! LOL! My girlfriends and I used to do that in the dorm halls in college, haha! I still have a picture of "Katie doing her circus act" somewhere. :o)

    Beautiful sewing projects! Regency...muslin...I'm having heart palpitations! Love it!

  7. Love the skirts and nighties.
    You have wondeful models, too! :)


  8. wall climbing?! Love it!

    I also love the skirts and dress. So pretty. :o)

    jAne at tickleberry farm

    p.s. love your music. ;o)


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