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Fraktur is a beautiful Pennsylvania Dutch art form. They were done for birth certificates, marriages, etc.

Emily got interested in doing these based on an art class she had taken a few years ago at our co-op. The art teacher taught them to do it in a very easy way. It involves printing, tracing and hand coloring. She has done them in watercolor, marker, color pencil. They are made on parchment.

She has made many beautiful and thoughtful gifts using Fraktur. She has made birth certificates, verses for birthday gifts and graduations. She did Psalm 23 for Kyle when he memorized the whole Psalm earlier this year.

It is so precious to have her artwork hanging around our cottage home. I love to see her working at her desk - Tim made her a light box - making beautiful treasures. She is developing a nice portfolio.


  1. Very beautiful work! I'd love to buy note cards if she'd be willing to make and sell them!
    Ruth, PA

  2. Ruth,

    I think she would be thrilled. I will talk to her about it. We would need to discuss what you would like on them, how many etc...email me so we can discuss it! My email is on my sidebar.

  3. They are beautiful!
    I'll have to post pictures of the boys certificates she made them!

  4. Beautiful!! We love the one she made for Cayden too!!

  5. WHen I had the boys, the OB office in York gave us Fracturs with their names on them. That was my introduction to this form of art. I love it.

  6. Those are the things that make a Mommy proud. When children are not conformed to the world but find pleasure in beautiful things like that. She is a treasure herself.

  7. How gorgeous! She is quite talented.

  8. Emily, your artwork is beautiful!


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