Mount Dora

Mount Dora is a delightful, old, lakeside resort town. They have a lovely hotel and a train. They have lots of shops and two of my favorite places for refreshment.
These photos are from our lunch at The Garden Gate. It is such a pretty restaurant! It is decorated in the cottage style with lots of shabby chic touches. They have everything in white and soft colors. They used to have a shop but they have turned that section into a place to have bridal showers, tea parties and the like.
We had lunch there with my friend Jane. I am sure that some people wondered if their nice lunch would be disturbed by a small boy and young girl but they behaved perfectly! Just look at Kyle's peanut butter and jelly sandwich! They had fresh fruit with it and Sarah made a face for him on his sandwich. She had grilled cheese and it looked very similar! They were so excited about their food! It was a reminder to me about how even simple things become special if you put thought into the presentation of it!

This is a plate of chicken salad! It is very good with a touch of curry in it! Everything on the plate is edible including the orchid!

This wee bird was sitting on the mantle on the wall by our table. It was so cute!

This is the mantle - the wee bird in barely noticeable on the left...everything is pretty and is soft and calm and restful.

I like the little touches of dried hydrangea and soft lights...and touches of lace everywhere!
Here is where I would show you pictures of the Windsor Rose Tea Room. It is the place I first had PG Tips tea. I really wanted to sit with the family and share a pot of tea. However, the only day they are closed is Tuesday. Guess what day we went to Mt. Dora? sigh....

I also wanted to visit a neat old bookstore there but they were out of business, and a new "old" bookstore was closed that day as well. sniff,'s ok, I am over it really I am!

It was a very hot and humid day and so after just a few hours we took ourselves back to the motel. We went to dinner with Jane and hubby Rick and then we all went swimming at the pool - even Grammy came and swam with us! So much fun!


  1. That decor is so "you"! Very soft and pretty.

    I know the feeling about finding things closed. It happens to me kind of frequently. Hmmm....

    See You!

  2. I love the look of it! Very elegant and calming!!

    That pb and J sandwhich looks yummy!! I would eat one of those, expecially with all that beautiful fruit!~

    I have been meaning to ask you--how long did it take to drive to florida?

  3. Sounds like a lovely day~ It is so wonderful when we as moms can have down time with our family that refreshes our soul.
    May you be blessed,

  4. Looks like a lovely little restaurant. Did you really eat the orchid?

  5. Mt Dora! I *love* Mt Dora! Whenever I visit my father (lives in Orlando) we always without fail drive to Mt Dora. Swoon. If I could just relocate Mt Dora to a more suitable (for me) climate. ;o)

    jAne at tickleberry farm

  6. It looks like a lovely vacation and wonderful family time.

  7. Well I would not call the Orchid 'good' but it was eat-able;)


  8. To me Mt. Dora looks like a place I could live the decor..the softness of it...beautiful...
    btw..chicken salad is a favorite..I love curry flavored things

  9. Very lovely! Thanks for sharing.


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