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Monday, November 15, 2010

15 Authors...


Brenda at Coffee, Tea, Books and Me 
shared her list of authors that have impacted her.

So here is my list, basically off the top of my includes fiction and non-fiction authors.

1. Jane Austen

2. Emilie Barnes

3. Karen Andreola

4. Sally Clarkson

5. Jan Karon

6. Edith Schaeffer

7. Susan Schaeffer MacCaulay 

8. Elisabeth Elliot 

9. Nancy Leigh DeMoss

10. Nancy Wilson

11. Douglas Wilson

12. Dee Henderson

13. Lori Wick

14. Tedd Tripp

15. J.R. Miller

That's my list....what about yours?  Who are you currently reading?  Favorite author?  I love to talk about books and authors...I must get some Elizabeth Goudge....


  1. I have read 5 on your list!
    Lori, Dee, Jane, Jan and Tedd!!

    I will have to think on this! When one reads so much it's difficult to choose!

  2. I enjoyed reading your list, and one day will post my own. We share a few favorite authors. My top most author is C.S. Lewis. Like you, I like Emilie Barnes and Jan Karon.

  3. Stephanie and I were reading the same Goudge books for awhile but we ended up with different books (reading what was available).

    Both of us loved Pilgrim's Inn and City of Bells. Pilgrim's Inn is the second of a trilogy, which can be read alone. I forget the name of the first book in the trilogy but it was very good (and does help you understand some of Pilgrim's Inn).

    Stephanie read the third of the trilogy and didn't care for it, said it did not offer anything new to the story so I have not read it, yet.

    I loved The Scent of Water which she was "iffy" about, only because she thought was sad. But knowing people who suffer with depression, I thought it very good.

    I had to buy a copy of my own after reading The Dean's Watch. Lanier said it was her mom's favorite Goudge book and after reading it, I can see why.

    While younger readers would find it good, I think one needs to be a little older to really FEEL how the main characters feel in the book. An amazing story that I hated to see end.

  4. I'm currently reading
    "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan {again}, "Practicing the Presence of God" by Brother Lawrence and Frank Laubach, and "Youth Ministry 3.0" by Mark Oestreicher
    My favorite thing to do is curl up in a blanket by the fireplace with a good novel, I have to force myself to add some good deep reading to my list too!


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