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Friday, November 19, 2010

Two More Days...


We will be headed south for several days of relaxation, rest and fun!

I have shopping to do at John Greenhow's and at Mary Dickinson's. I plan to pick up a new watercolor of Williamsburg to add to the ones we currently have gracing our living room.  

I hope to get decorating ideas.

I plan to enjoy my family.  I will share my morning pal with Tim. We get to have a whole week with Tim, he takes Thanksgiving week as a week of vacation!  So excited about this time!

We plan on having dinner out with Warren and Becky. Maybe we will get pizza for the kids...

We are going to take Emily and Chelsea's senior pictures.  Lots of great locations to take some awesome shots.

The younger folk are looking forward to indoor swimming.

Last night Emily was trying to plan a movie night with Chelsea.  I said "How about while we are in Williamsburg?"  She smiled and said "Oh yeah.  That'll work."

Can you tell I am a little bit excited?

In the meantime I must go get a ton of groceries today, run Lindsay to work, take Emily to babysit...prepare food for our fellowship meal on Sunday.

Oh yes, only two more days!


  1. Williamsburg is a place I'd like to visit sometime-we've never been there.

    May I just say-again-that I'm envious? I'd tell you that I wish you a good time, but that's already a given. I know you and the K's will have a fantastic time. Looking forward to seeing the senior pics!

    PS-Since you remodeled your blog, I have been able to open it with no problem. I still can't get Becky's to open most of the time. :-(

  2. Enjoy this time, I am sure you will and look forward to seeing the pictures ...


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