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Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Sweet Boy

 has a cold.  He is running a low grade fever, has congestion.  He is just feeling tired and yucky.
I am thankful for a chance to spend sometime with him, just the two of us, as Tim is at work and everyone else is headed out for church and a fellowship meal afterward.   I am sad because Emily is singing this morning with two other girls, and Lindsay and she are playing their recorders on some of the songs...I am going to miss it.

Kyle gave me a smile today when I asked...I think he is just happy to watch some instant play movies on Netflix!


  1. Praying for Kyle. I know just how he feels. I took me about four days to begin the turn around. Hope he gets well soon!

  2. Give my sweet boy a hug from grandma and tell him I love him.

  3. Aw, poor guy! I hope he's feeling better by now!

  4. Hope he is feeling better....I will pray just in case..


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