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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Emily....and answers to your questions.

recorded herself with her iTouch after her wisdom teeth extraction....

Oh. My.  We have been laughing over her "numb lum."  I really wanted to share it with you but I cannot get blogger to load it - so I tried Vimeo as I have had better luck with that but it says the file is too small....sigh.

Em is such funny girl...she was loopy when she filmed herself and yet she knows what is funny....If I can figure it out I will post it.

As to the photos of Lindsay that brought compliments and questions.  First, thank you!  We really like how the skirt turned out, and she adores her boots!

Second, yes, I did knit her shawl last year.  I used a pattern from Jewels' daughter Rosie.  They posted it on Jewels' Eyes of Wonder blog, the link is here.  If you have never read Jewels' blog, please do.  She isn't posting much anymore but she has a rich archive of posts.  For so many of us who found her on the web, her blog was like finding a kindred spirit!  The love of the Father, of family and home.  In delighting in those things.  When I found her blog, I knew I was not alone in the path the Lord had lead us along.  She and many others, including Tracy, jAne, Brenda, and my pal Becky have provided such beautiful friendships for me.  There is so much encouragement out there.  

If you are looking for encouragement in the blogosphere just check out my sidebar...and click on "The Country Blossom", or "The Pennington Post", "Tomato Soup Cake" and many more!

Happy Reading....and I will try to get the video of Emily posted!


  1. When i have a video to load i use

    The shawl is beautiful!

  2. I do love that shawl. Maybe I need to learn to knit after all. Autumn and I recently saw a loom where one can weave shawls at a local street festival. The shawls were gorgeous, and I'd love to make one. Now I just need that loom.

    I've been so inspired by Jewels, and now Rosie. Their home and family life seem so beautiful, and I strive to make my family life very much the same.

    I recently started reading Lisa at Pennington Point after seeing her on your sidebar a few weeks ago. I love her!

  3. The shawl and its rich color is beautiful.

  4. You're very talented. I'm not a knitter, and I'm definitely a "stick to a pattern" type of person most of the time too. That skirt and shawl both turned out so pretty. I'd love to make a rag quilt too. Are you lining yours? I've seen it done both ways.

  5. I too love Jewels blog and so many many others. The shawl is beautiful....there is just something so feminine when a woman has a shawl on her....I also read many of the blogs you mentioned and have been so so encouraged by the Godly women out there, like you !

  6. I love Jewels blog and the shawl. I am learning to knit right now and that is one of the first things I want to learn to make. Thanks for your lovely posts

  7. Do you know if Eyes of wonder is open to read. I try to click on the link but it says I need a username or pass word?

    Thanks for your help

  8. Simply Farmhouse,

    I also saw that she has her blog set up to take a password now. I messaged her on FB about it but haven't heard back about it. I'll see if I can contact her again.


  9. I very much miss reason Jewel's beautiful blog. I'd be so thrilled to be able to read her beautiful writings again!!


  10. I very much miss reason Jewel's beautiful blog. I'd be so thrilled to be able to read her beautiful writings again!!



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