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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Perfect Turkey

Here is the link to "perfect everytime turkey." 

It is amazing, and you wake up to such a delightful aroma!  You can also use this method if you are eating at dinner time and want to get your turkey in the oven early!

I hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful!


  1. Thanks for all of the fun times this week in Virginia! We enjoyed it SO MUCH!

    You can see my blog for the excitement we had this evening. Because you know....we must have needed some!


  2. Mrs. Rabe,
    When I was a young bride, I accidently cooked the turkey upside down. You are so right! It was so moist and delicious I never went back to the "correct" way. If I am just making a breast, I cook it in my slowcooker, unstuffed. Also very moist.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you! (BTW, I made 19 pies this year. haha)
    Much sisterly love,


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