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Thursday, December 16, 2010

First Real Snow...

The kids had fun, though there is not enough snow to build a snowman...It is still coming down, in tiny, soft flakes...and a glimpse of our sweet granddaughter at 6 months.


  1. Love the hat and the sweet girlie!!!

  2. That is an amazing photo of Kamryn!

    I am happy to see the snow but driving in it was hazardous today.

  3. Funny chick tracks!!! Kamryn is the cutest, too bad I can't hold her!!

  4. I enjoyed your snow snow in E. Texas :( and your grandbaby is adorable.

  5. Your granddaughter is just beautiful! What a sweet photo of her. The snow is so pretty. Our kids are still waiting for snow here. So far, only rain. The photos of snow on my most recent post were from 2008. Last year we didn't get much.

  6. What lovely snow pictures! But I especially love the picture of your granddaughter. How PRECIOUS!!! She's a beautiful baby. ♥Joy


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