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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Our Fridge Started Making A Funny Noise...

 Now our refrigerator items are on the deck...Thankfully it is freezing outside during the day.  I am happy this didn't happen in August.  Tim called the appliance place we bought it from and they thought it sounded like the compressor (big money) or a relay switch (less money). 

My Dad (who used to have his own refrigerator repair business) came over and plugged it back in (it had completely defrosted on Monday while we were off happily making Christmas cookies).  It started running again.  So, to make a long story short, he and Tim are pretty certain they have the problem diagnosed and Tim will be picking up the part on his way home today.  We are thankful to save the money it would cost just to have the repairman to come out.  

It has provided the perfect opportunity to get this hardworking servant all cleaned up!  It is amazing the messes that are hidden, and oh, don't make me mention the melted popsicles....

Doesn't she look lovely?


  1. Ugh! My sympathy!

    Around here, we've had the Great Refrigerator Disaster of 2009, followed by the purchase of a new fridge, followed by the Great Refrigerator Disaster of 2010, which was followed by a repair call mere days before the warranty ran out. We also had to replace the fridge in our camping trailer this year. I'm hoping 2011 will be a year of not thinking about refrigerators.

    How wonderful that your dad can help Tim diagnose/repair problems like that. Even a small repair is so expensive if you have to have a repairman come out. Not to mention, the holiday season is a busy season for the fridge...glad the cold weather was helpful to save your stuff!

  2. Mrs. R, I just "half-cleaned" our fridge -- and ugh! it's amazing what can accumulate in the crisper drawer and the bottom shelf! LOL I need to do the whole defrost thing and clean from top to bottom...but I think I'll enjoy the vicarious experience of your clean fridge! :-D Isn't it a blessing to have handy men around!?
    Mary Lou

  3. You found a few silver linings!
    Love it!
    Hope it just keeps on working now.


  4. We rely on our appliances so much don't we? So hate when anything breaks down. I remember the last time I had fridge problems it was summer and we had ice chests out the back porch. It definitely is a good way to get the fridge cleaned out.

  5. Mrs. Rabe,

    I'm glad that your frig is currently up and running. You are blessed to have such a large frig. Mine is on the small side, since I had it before I was married.

    Our dishwasher dial was having issues. Sometimes, it was dififcult to turn it, and on certain occassions, the silly thing literally got stuck! Fortunately, dear hubby "tweeked" it a bit, and now I can turn the dial without problems, at least for the time being.


    -Lady Rose


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