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Monday, December 20, 2010

My Nativity

 sits at the end of our hallway, we all pass by it dozens of times a day.  I asked Lindsay to take some photos of it this morning, without the overhead light on, with just the string of white lights glowing...

Tim made my creche a few years ago...I love it.

 I know this one is dark but I love the animals in the dim light...

 Some years we don't put the baby Jesus in the manger until Christmas morning, but this year I put him out for the whole season...we want Jesus to be the center of Christmas!

 I didn't put the wisemen out this year, just the shepherd with some of his sheep...

 I like the shepherds face...

 This big cow is a neat piece in the set...

 Mary full of wonder...

Do you have a nativity?  Where do you put yours during the season?


  1. We have two.

    Today the big set will get set up on top of the entertainment center while the white porcelain nativity will go in the bay window.

  2. I love it. I have a collection of nativity sets

  3. This makes me think much. I need to display my nativity in a more visible place. Bless you for this reminder.

  4. Mrs. Rabe,

    Your nativity set is simply gorgeous! I like how the faces are crafted. Simply beautiful. I thnk your pictures are nice too, even the ones you said were "too dark." :)

    -Lady Rose

  5. I have several Nativities. One is hand painted by my mother's cousin, made for my Grandma who passed it on to me while she lived here with us. My favorite though is simple and wooden and was given to me years and years ago by a young girl I babysat.

  6. Your set is beautiful, and so is your creche. I have 6 nativity sets. I didn't even realize it until I started to count them in my head. Two of them are ones children can play with though, made of plastic. I only put one out this year. (I've been going with "less is more" in my decorating this year). I've never been able to *not* put Jesus in the manger, for the same reason you said.
    Blessings to you and your family!


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