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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Busy Hands...

Rachel having grown like a weed this summer, handed most of her skirts down to Sarah and was in need of a few new ones.   I sewed two skirts yesterday.  This one is light aqua baby cord in a fun pattern..

 The color in the flower looks black but is actually brown.  It is very cute.  She can wear it with her dark aqua t-shirt, white, and we want to find her a brown shirt.  This looks good with light shoes or her boots.  The colors make it work for early Autumn on into Winter.

 This is a wee infant hat for my niece's baby boy due in December.  I am getting ready to start a rag quilt for him in the cutest fabric!

 I made this blouse out of a McCall's Laura Ashley dress pattern.  I don't know if it is out of print but the number is M5039.

All I did was cut the 'skirt' to the length I wanted and did not add the side zipper!  So cute!

 I made her green skirt yesterday too - she likes bright colors and the weight of this is actually heavier than the baby cord skirt!  

This fabric is very light weight.  I found it at the PA Fabric Outlet. It is so pretty and again can wear it now in early fall.  She will still fit in it next spring.

I am hoping to finish Camden's ( my great nephew due in October) quilt in the next couple of days, get baby Butler's ( great nephew due in December) quilt started and make a skirt or two for myself!

What are your hands busy with?


  1. So cute! I love the skirts and blouses!! They turned out really wonderfully! Have a blessed day!

  2. So, so cute! I like everything you made and the colors are so cheery as well. :o)

  3. These are all so cute! I love everything that you made....looks wonderful! I'm busy crocheting a blanket for our little one due in February. Take Care.

  4. Wreath making...

    I should be so talented to be able to whip up a skirt or a blouse. Very nice!

    And those new babies sound as if they'll be receiving some cozy gifts. Cute little hat...

  5. What a talented mama you are! I really liked the blouse-so pretty and feminine!

  6. I love what you have been making. Especially the first skirt. It is so very cute! ;o)


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