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Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's Raining, It's Pouring...

 Can you see how full this jar is?  I took this photo after standing the hook back up - the jar was so full the weight of it coupled with the wet ground caused the hook to fall over in the garden. 

 My asters have started to bloom...I haven't been in the garden for 5 days - it has been raining everyday.  Not just gentle this is rain from tropical storm Lee - so there are times of the day that the rain is a tropical seems as if Lee is in no hurry to move on either.

 I am glad we didn't get the canopy of the gazebo back up after Hurricane Irene - it would be weighted down with rain - we would have to be pushing the water off all day long.

 At different times of the day, the creek is higher than at other times.  Yesterday for a while the water was up under the play gym...

 We have this hose that stretches out from a pipe from our pump in the basement - the water table is so high that this water is being pumped out before it gets to the basement.  Our basement is dry!

We had a phone call from an older couple from our church this morning.  They had water in their basement and needed to move some wood out of the water.  Lindsay, Emily, Rachel and I headed over and helped them get it moved.  Actually when we got the call and first got there the husband was still out driving his Amish passengers to work.  We were done when we got home.  I am glad we were able to help them.  When we left, we took Emily to work and headed home.  The roads were full off running water - the creeks are not on the roads yet but are definitely above their banks with more rain to come.

 We decided to light candles, and make the house feel cozy.  Their is something about candles on a chilly, wet day.

My youngest kids love to run outside in the rain...they couldn't do it yesterday as we had lightning and thunder, but today is just rainy so they are out getting wet.  They'll dry, and while they dry we will read history, study science and read a chapter or two of Little Town On The Prairie.  Then they will use the laptop for their math, and do independent reading. 

We have laundry going, dishes soaking in the sink, knitting on our needles.....

I am thankful for my home, for safety on the roads, for the chance to serve our church family, for a dry basement (so far, anyway!).

I know my family in California are finally having hot weather and so many states in the West need rain.  We are praying that God would send rain to Texas and put out those horrible fires...We would gladly share our rain with them!


  1. Rainy & chilly here, too! I'm glad you mentioned candles. I've gotten the afghans out; refuse to turn the furnace on!

    Praying for all who are at either extreme of the rain (seems like it's all or none).

    Stay cozy as you "school" and serve others.

  2. Hmmm, I'm trying to figure this weather pattern out. We just finished up days of rain and are told there's no more until next week with a "perfect weekend" expected. I've got to Google a satellite picture. Isn't it funny the little things that will get one going?

    What a blesssing you and the girls were for the family needing wood moved! You're the kind of folks to know.

  3. Wow, that's A LOT of rain! You sure did a nice job of cozying up your house with the candles though!

    And your new Autumn blog design is lovely. :o)

  4. I am so happy you were there for J&C.
    Too bad they got water in the basement.

    It rained the whole time we were away but it was a nice gentle rain....except for the thunderstorm we went through on the way there.

  5. We've been poured upon as well. Lots of roads closed due to flooding today. We went driving to see flooded areas and take photos. I've posted a bunch on facebook and plan to do a blogpost about it sometime tomorrow. Now I'm off to bed.

  6. You are so right, we'd love to have some rain :) It's been very hot the past few weeks, but overall, it's bee a mild summer. We've started back to school, so maybe with a more structured day, I'll get back to blogging more frequently too :)

  7. I'm so glad your basement is still dry! I've been thinking about you with all the flooding.

    It's cloudy this morning. I'm going to follow your lead and go light some candles... Becky's candles of course! =)

  8. Hi Mrs. Rabe~

    Sounds like you are doing well, and that you fared pretty well through the rain.

    How did the rest of the neighborhood fare? I figured that the basement in our old house probably flooded and that there was a river flowing into the Books yard.

  9. Hey Kat! I was thinking of you recently! Hope you all are well!

    The neighborhood fared well, I think. No flooding, no river in the Books yard. The township has done some good storm water work - drains on Schoolhouse Road so we all were fine!

    Keep in touch!



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