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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Teatime Tuesday

 Isn't this a delightful teapot?   It is a great size for making tea for just one or two people.

 I used it on Monday to make a small pot of tea for myself.  It was sitting on the counter yesterday minding it's own business...when tragedy struck.  My daughter moved something to put it in the dishwasher, and the handle of the thing hit my teapot's spout....

I am broken hearted.  I love this teapot. Sniff.

I imagine that I will get over it eventually.  Makes me also realize that my tea things are not necessarily safe sitting on the counter.  I must go wash and put away my Old Country Roses teapot that we used last evening.

Joining  - 

Sandi @ Rose Chintz Cottage for Teatime Tuesday.

Wanda Lee @ Silken Purse for Teapot and Tea Things Tuesday.


  1. It IS a lovely teapot. (I have clumsily knocked two glasses off my countertop recently. I have nobody to "blame" but myself.)

  2. Oh that is sad and what a lovely shape it has. I have a coffee pot from my great-grandmother. It used to sit out on a shelf until I realized that my family's entire way of living was going to be controlled by that lovely coffee pot. It sits in the china cupboard at all times now and even then with John's hammering, it has to be rescued.

    Say, it's looking lovely in here! So autumnal...

  3. Oh! Sniff and boohoo with you! Always sad when something sweet like that becomes a has been. I keep mine out - but always wonder if the cats will jump where they ought not and something goes crash bang broke! Haven't had it happen yet - they're good little babies . . .


  4. My husband was putting a golf bag upstairs from the basement to sell this week. I had a stack of plates on the floor ready to go to the basement! Can you guess - a set of 6 I had just used on the table. I am surprised only one broke. I also broke an expensive Alice in Wonderland Teapot a while back - I have plans for it but I have to figure out the instructions for what I want to do. Once I do - I will let you know! You could put you teapot in the garden too - that's one thing I do!

  5. When we moved here, my husband accidentally dropped a box that had two very unique teapots in it (they were shattered).

    I was SO sad about them but thankful it was not the box my favorite teapot is in, the one my daughter bought for me when she was in college that started my collection.

    The fact she bought it as a gift when she was a "poor college student" makes it even more special.

    We'll have to pray that a very pretty small teapot shows up soon while thrifting! :)

  6. Oh, Deanna, snif, snif! What a shame! Such a pretty little teapot. You know, you could make it into a sweet floral centerpiece. I love doing that myself. Thank you for sharing and enjoy your week, my friend.


  7. Oh dear Deanna,

    Sorry to hear of your mishap! Such a pretty teapot..,Such lovely soft colors as well; beautiful!

    Many thanks for joining me for the celebration of my 100th, Tuesday Tea For Two', as well as for our 71st, 'Teapot And Tea Things Tuesday'. Two'.

    Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee

  8. Such a shame for this pretty teapot to have suffered a mishap. Can you glue the piece back on? If so, think of it as character, something I've had to accept many times when things are not perfect any more.

  9. Goodness...I know the feeling...So sorry about your teapot... but it's only a little chip and the tea will still taste wonderful in this sweet little pot... Cheer Up and enjoy your tea.....HUGS

  10. It is always so sad when something lovely like that is broken:( I raised five boys can imagine how safe teacups and teapots were any time they ventured out of the china cabinet! Fortunately, our children are our real treasure:)

  11. That IS tragic. Funny, we know that stuff is just stuff... but some of our stuff... it's not JUST stuff! Sniff.

    Blessings, Debbie

  12. Awww, too bad! I like the oval shape....perhaps you can sand the sharp edge and use it as a planter?
    Happy teatimes,


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